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Single female ready for marriage but wants to honor God above all by being equally yoked. Seeking to be courted (not dated) by a Christian man looking for a life partner, who is saved by the blood of Christ, and passionate at knowing, obeying, and serving Him.πŸ™
I have a very playful side and knows how to have fun and appreciate a good laugh.πŸ˜€ I enjoy going to beautiful beaches and nature places🌴 and will survive days without wifi.
I am also quite an achiever and am driven to accomplish goals. By God's grace πŸ’•, I've grown to be more accepting and surrendered to His will. I found that the best place to be is in the will of the Father.πŸ˜‡
I've read many books on relationship and marriage. I think it is one way the Lord was educating me so I am aware of the role I am expected to fulfill when He finally blesses me with a godly husband. πŸ’
If you are ready to give off of yourself (meaning, no longer selfish), have developed a strong faith in the Almighty Father, is loving, faithful, and responsible, maybe we can explore the possibility of growing old together and enjoy serving our Heavenly Father until it is time to finally go home. 🌼
Not to sound superficial, but I am partial to a tall man because I am quite tall for a Filipina. I hope you are at least 5'7" because at 5'6", I still like to wear heels! πŸ‘  My most recent photo is the one wearing a brown gown with 3" heels, taken in January 2018. If you intend to contact me, may I request you to kindly check your photos and profile first to make sure they reflect your recent circumstances. Thank you!
A prayer for all of us who are on this site:
Father God, we praise You for Your true love, manifested to us by sending Your only Son, who, out of the same true love, willingly obeyed and died a painful death to take the punishment for our sins. Lord, in spite of the knowledge that love can cause such pain, we are here to find and be found by our one true love, the one whom You prepared for us. As we interact with different people, please protect us and keep us away from deceivers, liars, and those who are not meant for us. Please shield our hearts from people whose only intent is to break it or cause pain. Please help us be mindful that we are brothers and sisters in Christ, first and foremost. Help us honor You by our words, comments, and interactions. May the Holy Spirit guide us and lead us in this process. May Jesus Christ bless us and intercede for us in prayer as we desire to be obedient by being equally yoked. We pray these in Jesus name. Amen. πŸ™
First Date
Coffee ♨, prayer πŸ™ and share about life... 🌿 ☺
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