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A Marriage Partner
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Riverside Assembly of God
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1 or 2 on occasion
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No way
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Yes but they're grown
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HS Graduate
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Semi retired & school bus driver
Church work. Reading ,woodworking, soap making, love people ,MOTORCYCLING, travel, adventure ,family ,grandkids,hunting,some fishing, camping,new places,water&swimming(although someone may try to drag me back to the water mistaking me for a beached whale)
About Me
A serious charismatic believer who loves people and am at my best when I have someone to give myself for and love. I am physically healthy and although I may have some snow on the roof , there is still some fire in the furnace. Very compassionate and understanding and one who always wants the best for you. I have a great family who is a hoot. I have been very involved in church work. I am confident and I know who I am and what's important to me and very down to earth . Biblically well versed , I am interesting and a good communicator ( I like conversation on any subject) . devoted and loyal and desire the same . I stay current with politics and am well versed on end times events and the Lords soon return. Got fault's for sure but am open about them. I want a best friend that deeply connects , then a lover and equal partner . Don't we all want to be touched and know that that person - wants- to touch you. Be dedicated to that ONE and know that you know that they won't go away. To be able to be yourself so completely and openly and know you have complete irrevocable acceptance so much so that your ugly warts aren't able to hurt you any more. I believe it's possible and even though that is Gods love for us- it can be our love for each other - 1 Corinthians 13 says so. I would love a Christian woman who knows how to talk -through - things and not run away and some one who can accept being loved , yes ,I take marriage and vows seriously. It's a hurting world, lets love and serve them together . I have an ugly dog every one else finds handsome. I am not materialistic, just a regular guy who loves the Lord. A long time motorcycle enthusiast who would love to take you for day trips. After 35 years of riding and along with being a professional driver , you can feel safe with me. And , no I would not force you to ride.Lately the Lord has been dealing with me about just being happy as his will for us all. Lastly I have 2 confessions. I do have to ask Alexa from time to time , how to spell some words, she's an amazon, she is no competition to you as she is to hard and inflexible for me, I only USE her to spell things on occasions secondly , I have a quirky, spontaneous sense of humor and if you can't laugh with me your momma probably dropped you on your head and knocked the funny bone out. Best wishes and God bless you in your search.
First Date
Well apart from me getting punched,slapped,kicked,cussed at,gouged,bruised, or having my hair pulled, I'm good with anything except listening to rap music, in a gay bar trying to be more " inclusive" My first choise would be a site seeing, garage sale hopping, motorcycle ride for a meal , preferably around a lake. Really , your choice.
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