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I work hard at Bible reading and at loving God with all my heart. Sadly, more often than not, l fail a loving God. I hope to meet an imperfect someone with those same goals. A woman who wants to acquaint herself with God's Word, as much as she can, about his mercy, love and truth and with a desire to obey him.

I don't concern myself with how other people want do conduct their dating activities before marriage but as for me, I dont believe I should kiss or involve myself in any kind of physical closeness except for hand in hand or possibly a light hug. I prefer a woman who shares the same value. I prefer a woman who refuses to follow the world's lead by wearing suggestive clothing styles that expose everything!!! You're probably thinking about moving to the next profile by now but I'm really not a stiff shirt!! I am capable of laugher but I also want to live life without regrets.

I can say so much more, but that's for later.

Some people are critical of my beard and hair. But the fact is, I’m very conservative and prefer the more traditional and biblical forms of dress and hair styles. I guess you could say I’m sorta Amish in this sense. That’s what I mean by traditions of dress. I’m also referring to the fact that both men and women’s dress used to cover the body from the neck down. Biblically speaking they did not publicly expose their nakedness. For example, yogi leggings fallaciously cover the body but clearly they expose nakedness. Several generations ago both men and women dressed from the neck down. Nowadays, men customarily dress in ways that tend to cover the body from the neck down while women’s dress is trending toward increased nakedness. I’m not specifically calling out women for their adulterous dress because way too many adulterous men, while dressing appropriately themselves, nevertheless obsess with female nakedness no matter which way it is served.
First Date
Something spontaneously good!! And there's ALOT of good things to do that are exciting and completely God honoring! His creation is FILLED with good things!!!
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