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Word of God, Speaking in Tongues, Interpreration of Tongues, New Jerusalem, Fellowship, KJV Bible, Prayer, Sharing the Gospel, Miracles, Healings, Love, Truth, Righteousness, Salvation, Family, Gutair, Piano
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Before the LORD manifested himself to me, I was so addicted I use to watch it like T.V. My heart was set on chasing women, I had a foul mouth and found it hard to show love. I took drugs, I stole, done fraud which got me down the police station once, I had fights. I was fully living life to my own accord but in the summer of 2017 I got sent a video on YouTube which after watching it made me start questioning and start thinking about What if the world was designed? and What if mankind were created for a specific purpose? After that I started seeking for info about God online which lead me to searching for the most authentic English version bible: my research concluded that the Authorised King James Version Bible was the one. So I started reading and I got to about Genesis 5, felt like i was just reading words with no meaning got bored & just got back on with my life. Soon after 2 people on different occasions shared with me the gospel and handed me a leaflet an invitation to come to a Holy Ghost meeting at The Revival Fellowship. Couple of months went by I finally went. I was made aware I could get baptized and I assumed that was something that was needed to be done to get right with God. So no question asked, I went and and got ready, I was given some clothes to change into I went and sat in the water, it was warm. I was asked 2 questions; Do you believe Jesus is the son of God? & Do you believe he died and rose again to give me a brand new life. I answered Yes to both of them, I got baptized fully under the water. I was told before after I came up out of the water that we was going to start praying for the Holy Spirit by repeatedly saying ALLEUIAH. Nothing happened. 21 days later something happened. I had been consistently praying for the Holy Ghost and this time in my room I was seeking for it, I was looking online for prayers to say, so I would say my prayer and then I would start saying ALLEUIAH over & over again. The LORD is nigh unto all them that call upon him, to all that call upon him in truth. So what I changed and started doing was I stopped looking for prayers online to say and I just spoke from the heart and then started saying ALLEUIAH and that is when I spoke out in a language that I had never learnt before for the first time. An explosion of joy came flooding over me, I had a grin from ear to ear on my face, after a couple of minutes I stopped and started again and the same sounds where still coming out. 2 thoughts that came to mind at the moment was "Oh so this is what they was talking about" and the other was "You have received the Holy Ghost". I knew I wasn't saying gibberish because when my language changed I was still trying to say ALLEUIAH which I could hear in my head but that was not coming out of my mouth. The day that happened was Friday 22nd September 2017 in the afternoon a day I will never forget. I was instantly healed of my addiction to watching porn, immediately stopped chasing women without even thinking about it, stopped drinking alcohol, no more drugs, when I read the bible I can understand it, gradually I stopped listening to the music I use to listen to, now I only listen to Psalms, Hymns & Spiritual songs, don't watch telly, learnt to play the guitar and the piano, preach the word of God up the front from the bible to Christians in my Fellowship all over the world, moved out of my mums house, leaving my mum & 3 brother behind to live with Christians, stopped cursing swearing and saying the LORD's name in vain, I go out and share the Gospel to those that are unsaved who listen, I have all the gifts of the Holy Spirit, I try and pray in the Spirit 3 times a day for 25 mins minimum, I try to hear the word of God at least 3 times a day minimum as well and finally I have a real peace & joy in my life which I never had before.  
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