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Now you may not want to believe in the obvious, which could only mean you do not have eyes to see and ears to hear. If you can't see we are under a strong delusion, I don't know what to tell you, other than you need to make some adjustments. If you are a true believer and your eyes are wide open, you would also realize the world is not all rainbows and unicorns. If you can't see what's coming behind all these shootings, or the fact a 16 year old boy is celebrated for dating a 49 year old man for 6 years (you do the math). Look at all the parents forcing their own children to transition into the opposite gender, and again the media celebrates. Then two major news networks cover up a story about ONE of the largest pedophile rings in this country, which serviced politicians and royalty and the operator of it gets suicided. It's time you revisited your Scriptures for the answers... Otherwise, you'll find yourself alone when this spiritual warfare comes out in the open. Trust today has become so fragile, it holds a thin line just like between sanity and insanity. Only the line between betrayal and trust has become increasingly thinner, so much so, you can't trust anyone. Not even some of those who claim to be believers...just like the prophets they'll rebuke you for telling the truth. Did not our Creator say, "My people shall be destroyed for lack of knowledge." Not because it wasn't presented to them, but because they chose to reject it. Much like how people believe what they are being told, both in the past and present, by the MSM shows how they've become part of the strong delusion. Another rejected secret, if you are on any social media, then you are already experiencing life in the "Mark of the Beast."

Seeing how so many people came to believe we were put here to only have fun, made to laugh, and be entertained, is beyond my comprehension. You may think you have all the time in the world to prepare for judgement, you could have never been more wrong in your life...

Aside from wanting to have fun and making me laugh, I'd like a woman who loves to learn. At the least, more than the average women. If you have a 4 year college degree or Masters, think hard before responding. Usually they have a tendency to suffer from cognitive dissonance when faced with something they were not conditioned to believe. In essence, they normally don't have eyes to see or ears to hear. I would love to find a woman who is half as intelligent as, Amazing Polly, on Youtube. She's even figured out the correct mark of the beast.

What I respect most in a woman, is if she has above average common sense, a combination of intelligence and common sense would be optimal, but I'll settle for common sense. Next, she should have an open mind and be willing to learn things that may be foreign to her, but can also be proven if she's willing to do the research. I found that most of the women I've had contact with never asked any questions about what I've learned or where I learned it from. Instead, they would become contentious, and you know what the Scriptures say about contentious women. So if you don't know the definition of Cognitive Dissonance, odds are the truth will harm you, and not set you free. On top of it all, what if the earth is really as described in the Scriptures?

All the signs are present except for one, and that one is barely inches away. If you want to know why I don't post my image on here, just ask me, please don't assume I'm unattractive. I have an abundance of common sense and refuse to give up my identity to a system well known by true believers, as the Beast system... First the system wanted your picture on all your ID's, starting with your drivers license. Then your fingerprints at your banks and on cell phones, facial recognition everywhere, now your voice print for even more identification. Where does it stop? After it acquires your DNA! The process is called, Gradualism, just like boiling a frog. So the true fact is, Big Tech and Corporate America are Big Brother, aka, The Beast System.

I'm neither handsome or homely, wealthy nor lonely. Yes, I am kinda smart and obviously set apart, but not put here to fool ya, only to warn ya, worship Him by name, His true name is, Yahuah. As in, "HalleluYah."

And it's not doom and gloom if it's the truth and you have no fear of it. I'm more afraid of most who claim to be Christians today, they've chosen to deny so many truths and punish those who do not conform to what they've been conditioned to believe. Making them nothing more than, Plastic Christians. If you do not have the love of the truth, how then could you possibly expect to be saved, physically or spiritually? It's not arrogance you have just read. It's unwavering faith and unapologetic confidence in truth given to me by the Ruoch HaKodesh.


Take care, stay safe, and may, Yahusha, guide you on a righteous path.
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I'm good with just about anything. But if it involves food, it will have to be organic, I just can't go GMO.
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