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Christ, Love, Passion, Redemption, Hope, Peace, Joy, and what people like to do for fun. :)
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Iím Asian, south asian to be specific. I come from an island in the indian ocean. Think palm trees, isolated beaches, clear blue ocean, verdant hills, clean air, friendly people, relaxed lifestyle.

Iíve lived all over the world. I love people. I love community. I love a good party. I love animals.
I am a pacifist. Apologetic (defender of scripture). Smart Alec. Seeker of truth. (Found Him!).

Christ is my rock, in the most unreligious way possible. My faith is very real. Itís private, but I know my God. I find a lot of people know a lot about God, but knowing him personally, well that is the great mystery that is found when you commune in love with Christ through His Holy Spirit. The word comes alive, church, life, family and more comes alive when the word is ALIVE in you. Not religiously or task based, but by the wonder of GRACE.

I am passionate about sustainability. Sustainable community, food and resources. I love agriculture, cooking and the combination of the two.

I have a mastiff x great dane pooch. He is my baby boy. He is huge. And no. I will not get rid of him. ;)
So you better love dogs.

What are my personality types evals if you wanna know.
ENFP. Enneagram 8w7. Disc I/D (both were equal!)

Iím a passionate romantic. Old school chivalry is how i was brought up. I stand up when a lady walks in. Iím looking for my ruth. My heart is for Jesus, and letting his love be the center of relationship.

By grace through faith. Thatís the only way 2 people can really make it unconditionally in love.

Message me. Letís chat, Jesus. Love. Life. Future.

So yes. I Would love to have someone special to share in my passion of getting to know God better and sharing His wonders and promises with. I LOVE talking about advances in science and how they continually point to Godís power. What really gets your blood pumping about God or Nature?Ē
First Date
Conversation, laughter, deep deep philosophical thoughts, silly moments of whackiness. Lots of great smiles, flirtations, an connection. What else? Oh yeah, just a great time together with some awesome food, fun and friendship. I want to get to know ya. Let's chat, talk and delve deep into life.
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