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Coeur D'Alene
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Coeur d'Alene real life... But now I'm in Alaska
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Alaskan Factory maintenance technician
Cooking, forests, doing art, fun events, nature, building and fixing things, romantic walks, art shows, music, beaches and water fun... Romantic rainy days... cuddle to a movie.. no bars, no clubs, no seedy places..
About Me
I am Chris Wise,

I love the Lord my God with all my heart... My faith is In Christ alone... The gospel is the most precious thing in the world to me...

I'm a very loyal, faithful and romantic man that likes sunsets and the beach, the Forest... Nature... The ocean... I grew up in Seattle so nature is a big deal to me... rain in the forest!

I am a 6-foot 4 inches 230 lbs... athletic build... I stay in great shape, but I'm not obsessed with it... I am not into myself ... letting God work on my heart is Premier to me. Mostly my job keeps me pretty fit... I stay fit for the person I might be with in the future ... I eat pretty healthy as a habit but not super strict...

i signed up for this site years ago... and honestly I don't do dating websites...but lately after being celibate for 4 years, i get a litte lonely, especially in Alaska at work...

if I am talking to someone who might be a possible Prospect... I only focus on that woman... out of respect and even though I may not dating them... I stay exclusive (NO EXPECTATIONS, this is just my way), so I dont talk to other women in the back ground... I am still a 1 woman man... no strings attached.

I've been working in Alaska for three months on and one month off... So it gets kind of lonely so lately I've been on here... I don't have any real expectations right now... There's no need to rush into anything. I want my friendship and my love for someone to be deliver it ... And I trust the Lord. I want who God has for me.

I do not party... no drugs or alcohol for me... yes I have a past...this is why I do not go there... I don't mind if others drink a little.. I don't judge, it's just not for me.

... I have been celibate for about 4 years or so and being a celabit man in this age is tough, but worth it.... at least I would hope that the woman I might be with would think so... I get to see a lot of people who what quantity as far as relationships are concerned instead of quality... That is unfortunate... I have been celibate deliberately. so yes I've told a lot of women no. no sexual anything.

I want to be able to tell the woman that God has for me that I told a lot of women...NO... & I overcame every single temptation faithfully, for her, because that's how much I honor her... And hopefully she will know that she has a man who proved himself years before he met her..... i want to present something of value in hard fought honor, As a gift for her...

I try to have godly ideals, as I renew my mind with the Spirits help, in Love.

i am very loyal.

if I am in a relationship, I do not spend time with any other woman... no woman on the side, th o me that is septic. I'm exclusively for the one I am committed to... I do not confide in other women... I don't have coffee with other women and I don't meet other women to go do things with... My confidence and loyalty belongs to the one I am committed to

I wish this didn't have to be said... But ... If you are a person that jumps from relationship to relationship then I cannot be with you also. it's okay if you've been in a few relationships... And they haven't worked out... I think we all have been in a few bad relationships hey.. But that's different.

But if that's your thing and you're sleeping around... I will not date you. no exceptions... I've met a lot of people who have been in three or four relationships in one year... or even been with four or five guys in a week 4 month... I will not date you if that is so. I don't think it's fair. that is why and she used to be so lit until I find that right woman I believe there's a lot of unresolved issues and maybe you should try being celibate for a while... Give yourself to the Lord for a while... just a suggestion.

I am falling madly in love with God... and that is my first priority. Jesus is first.

I try to stay humble, forgive quickly, try to listen and understand genuinely and admit when I am wrong and I don't have to get my way all the time. i do not tolerate violence in any relationship, no excuses (my mom was an abused woman). no excuses.. on either side.

I believe that true love and intimacy can ONLY come and be taught by God The Father in a true way.. Because God is Love

FB me... Chris Wise

Love her like Jesus loves the Church... Looking for a Faithful woman who loves Christ and puts him first.
First Date
Our first meeting I would like to be somewhere public but not too crowded, were we could actually talk and not be too distracted... Somewhere casual yet comfortable... Like a coffee shop... Maybe a quiet art venue... Or even just a walk... I wouldn't really want to do anything like a movie... Not right away...
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