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My goals are to be a Man of Love, a Man of provision. My goal is to Live as Jesus Christ lived and to let that shine and affect every soul I encounter. I want my life to reflect a Love for the Lord to show just how real it is and that Jesus is the Way, Truth , and Life for every sector of Life. My goal is to find the Woman, my rib, that he has for me so that I can live His Kingdom through my very own Family.

My goal for a relationship you might ask me, is this: I want to Love and be the provider for My Future Woman for all of which she desires. I want to show her by my Life that she is valuable and bring out the beauty she has in the very core of her hidden being. I want to bear her burdens and lift her up in desperate and sorrowful times. I want to guide her in wisdom and Truth and Love so that she can live the life Our Creator God meant for us to live. I want to be a Man of security and a place of solace that reflects Jesus in the greatest way. I want to Love. I want to live my life for the sake of others. I do not know who she is yet, but if she is reading this, I love you and will use my life to show it. I will show you the Faithfulness of Father by my Faithfulness to you.
I believe in transparency and hiding nothing. I believe in having integrity and being responsible in every area of Life, especially for the Woman that chooses this Man.

I've failed many times in my life, but these few, but important, attributes in almost every relationship I've had, have been no existent in my efforts to build a life without enduring and eternal substance. I always built things on weakness and deception, manipulation and blending truth with lies . I was unfaithful and selfish in heart, always taking granted the gift of the Woman My Father in Heaven had given to me. I've squandered every opportunity, yet, I have hope, that now I have been made over into a New Man and the old ways gone, I long for an opportunity to truly Love, honor and Cherish a Woman in my future. I've learned from my many sins against YHWH as well as humanity, even the beautiful women I had hurt, using manipulative ways to get what I wanted out of a Woman, but now know how to Love, Honor, and Cherish the future gift. I desire more than anything to express the true things that bring an everlasting and growing union of God's creation, man and woman.

I have many more dreams and desires for my future and hope to be able to accomplish it in future, not for my satisfaction alone, but for to show what Jesus Christ can do to a man and the gifts of Life and blessings he gives to those that follow him and the freedom we all chase.

God Bless you by Heavens Knife??
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