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Salt n Pepper
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A Marriage Partner
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Sure, why not
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2 Yr College Degree
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evangelist,salesman, comedian
church,bible,prayer,jokes,comedy,singing,making comedy,standup,
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remain blessed, I most likely will be doing full time evangelism in Florida. I have this dream of helping out people and seeing if they want to accept Jesus into their lives.

I am currently studying to be a nail specialist, In December,( update, i will be most likely graduating in december and seeing i haven't found a good woman, i will continue to study)! if God allows me to live and have health, I plan to study real agency and insurance sales, then God willing in march I might study massage therapy. Also I passed my cdl class a license, wanna see the united states with me and get paid for it? :p

don't message me to tell me we don't make a good match! please just don't reply , what for? lol

i am overweight, but i am losing weight, rather fast too, i stopped eating things with sugar or things that make sugar like rice and all grains and corn, no soda or candy, some day perhaps but i went cold turkey and God is helping me out with that, lose 10 pounds and don't look for them for me ok!

i repeat, don't message me to tell me we don't make a good match! please just don't reply , what for? lol

if you don't have a sense of humor, just ignore my message ok

i am not a hard or strict person ok. but i have my preferences, i am sure you do too right? Please nobody who doesn't go to evangelical church, i won't respond, or any other church that not a full believer in the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues and seeing miracles.

I like to video chat, we can pray, tell jokes whatever, doesn't have to be all the time, but certainly at least once ok thank you

do you really expect me to visit you, without seeing you in video chat, if you are very far away? comon now!

And my sister, are you 100% sure you want to marry a divorced man? if not have a nice life ok

Nice pictures, you are beautiful, but I want to know if you are as nice inside as you are outside! That will take many questions ok?

I promise not to lie to you or put your relationship with Jesus at risk. 3. if i don't like something, i will let you know in a nice intelligent way 4. we will talk about what we like and don't like, sort of like an uber ride, rate me 5 stars out of 5 in everything, anything less than 5 stars then we have to talk and pray about it. 5 is excellent, 4 is good , 3 is fair, 2 not so good! 1 is wow really?! And I would like the same consideration from you also.
It says in your profile, you are a "christian" that term is used a lot now, can you please tell me what that means to you? Thank you for answering that question for me.

I attend an " pentecostal " like church, I visit one here in Tampa Florida area, if i message you, please tell me about your church? Thank you for answering that question for me.

Sorry to say this next part, but these are "Deal breakers", if you don't believe in the blood of Jesus, that can forgive all sins in the past, present and future, I Do not think we will be a very good match! I have a past, I am sure you do too! Nobody is perfect! But I do believe in complete disclosure, health wise and mental health also! Any criminal records will also be discussed. And if you are going to ask me for money...don't even bother to reply to this message, I will just report you to the administrator. I hope I don't sound bitter, sorry but i don't wanna waste time!

if you have to check your horoscope, we would not be a good match!

if you have to check with your angels guides, we would not be a match, talk to God, why talk with anyone else who is lower right?

And also tithing, giving at least 10% to the church. If you don't believe in this, we would not be a good match i think. I don't want any money fights!

Please ladies, don't email me to tell me why you are rejecting me! why waste my time eh? i am not going to change .

i like to do stand up comedy, sing,

9 minute mark is where the magic starts!

do door to door evangelism, see some sports, boxing, football, surf the net, keep up on current events, don't like to fight! we do need to do skype just to keep the scammers away. it seems like they don't want to be seen, i wonder why? :) and besides that , for all i know, you might be my next door neighbor, he has one tooth in his head! but he would do that to me! so if you don't skype , or oovoo or facebook video, or imo have a nice life my dear sister. unless you live nearby, then we can meet.

i read the bible every day
pray every day
go to church usually wednesday bible study or
friday church service
sunday church service

and i would expect my woman to go with me
the closer we get to God the closer we will get also

also we will need to read some books together

"men are like waffles women are like spaghetti" by ferrel i think is the author

"the five love languages"
by chapman

and others

i also expect my woman to go with me doing door to door evangelism! you don't have to say anything. knocking on people's doors and asking them then a couple of questions about heaven and then asking them if they want to receive Jesus as their savior and if they want to , we pray, and see we can schedule a bible study. if they don't want to accept Jesus, i ask them if they want to buy life insurance , air conditioning services or use me as a lyft driver[if i am still doing that job] that is what i mean when i say door to door evangelism.
just be there, praying in your head i guess

unless she has something better to do

the battle is real
Jesus send you what you need, Blessings
First Date
talk, a lot! drink some coffee at starbucks or dunkin donuts! caramel double mocha,lol, whatever! perhaps we can do some cooking together. i do that ok.
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