Wanted: Single woman seeking unrequited affection and a home for her heart

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Video Games, preaching the gospel (Evangelism), Excercise, guitar, singing, worship, Tabletop Games, learning Japanese, Kareoke, Outdoor events (airsoft, swimming, basketball, jogging, camping, etc.) Martial arts/target practice/archery (bow and arrow, th
About Me
*Every day I get at least 2 messages and winks from women in the philippines. This has been ongoing for 3 months. Please stop reaching out to me. I am not interested in a long distance relationship or dating you. I am simply not attracted to your nationality.*

I have been a born again believer since May 1st, 2014. I spend a lot of my free time playing video games, watching Netflix/Crunchyroll and singing, or praying for other people. I am definitely not a social butterfly, but instead prefer small groups of close friends to socialize with. I have been single for almost 6 years because I only get 1 wife, and I don't want to date just any woman. I need a suitable helper, and while it crushes me to be alone (It is not good for man to be alone) and the isolation of my soul overwhelms me every day I can't bring myself to date someone just to date them. I am just not attracted to their soul, and cannot see them being my wife. (Waking up to them every day for the rest of my life) So I am stuck here waiting, and it sucks. Better to be up front with your feelings and intentions than to hide them and decieve your listeners, right? Honesty and transparency in a marriage starts in the training ground now, before we get married. I need a wise woman who will do good to me all the days of my life, that is to know when not to speak and to drop a matter. (Quarelling is like the breaching of a dam; so drop the matter before a dispute breaks out.) I live it before I preach it, and "stirring up strife is like the twisting of the nose; just as twisting the nose produces blood so does contention kindle strife." I have no intention of settling down with a woman who will become rot in my bones. "A quarelling wife is like the constant dripping of a leaky roof. Better to sleep alone on the roof than under a roof where she dwells. She is like decay in her husband's bones."
I'm not looking for perfection, just wisdom. (Proverbs)

I am an Introvert and an HSP, and house the rarest personality type in the world; INFJ, found in only .4-.8% of the male population on earth, as compared to their female counterparts at .6-1.2%.

*I have taken the Nazarite Vow as of 11/06/2019

About me: While I dislike talking about my character (because like Jesus said, "If I testify of myself my testimony means nothing.") I am sure people are looking for a description. My description will seem like prince charming and too good to be true to some, so take it with a grain of salt.

A great listener
Can carry conversations for hours
Enjoy talking
Have no interest in sex before marriage
Do not enjoy looking at women (It seems vain to me to admire a woman who I will never have as my own)
Am always thinking of other people's needs
Am very introspective
Am very perceptive
Am in touch with my emotions and conflicts
Am in touch with other people's emotions and conflicts, sometimes more than they are (you can trust me with your emotional soul)
Protective (not controlling)
Filled with knowledge

A few of my unique skills:
Martial Arts
Chinese Harp
Chinese Flute
Can Hold my breath for roughly 80 seconds (114 seconds is my record)
Iron-Bone Training
A talent for crying at romantic scenes in movies and happy endings

I have never done a list of my likes and dislikes, so here goes (for those of you who want to know more about me)

Likes: - Late night walks and conversations
- Nature
- Camping
- Cooking (for someone else)
- Studying
- Making others laugh
- Tabletop Games (I just finished a 2 year Campaign as a GM, totaling roughly 540 hours)
- Romantic thoughts and quality time invested in those close to me
- Making others happy
- Hugging/holding my significant other
- Cuddling
- Seeing others smile
- Making memories
- Laughing for no reason
- Chess, Shogi or Go (though any strategy game is fun)
- Listening to somone (to make them feel valued)
- Quality time (alone; I did not say with your friend on the phone)
- Comforting and making others feel secure
- Serving my significant other (serving dinner on a plate, making healthy, balanced meals for dinner or lunch, buying flowers, doing chores or other acts of service, etc.)
- Anything to make my significant other happy and feel loved

Dislikes: - Lies
- Deception (of any kind)
- Inauthentic behavior
- Petty (unecessary) squabblings
- Selfish pride (that refuses correction or sound judgement)
- Irrational and unreasonable/quarreling (as consistent behavior)
- Heartless ambition (vain ambition, or doing things for the sake of doing them, unless that something is adventurous)
- Shallow talk ("what did you eat for dinner?" or, "hi")
- Hot-tempered individuals
- Being interrupted (It's an introvert thing; it takes a lot of energy to get my thoughts back on track)
- Having decisions made for me (I have no problem deciding where to eat or what to do with my time; I know what I want)
- Incessant communication (I need my alone time, and lots of it to be happy)
- Insensitive comments (intentional or otherwise; both will be forgiven)
- Crude humor
- Cruel/insulting jokes (sarcasm is different than an insult)
- Name calling
- Abuse of any kind (physical, mental, verbal or emotional)
- Manipulation

What I can offer you: Pure, authentic, unrequited affection and a home for your heart.

My Love Languages:

Quality Time: 9
Words of Affirmation: 9
Acts of Service: 7
Physical Touch: 5
Gifts: 0

In summary, I just want you, your heart, and your love, and I just want to give you my affections in return.
First Date
Nothing too fancy. Maybe going to a resteraunt to get to know each other better, a movie at someone's house (with friends or the parents home). Walking around the mall together, talking while we browse the store, laugh and break the ice more (plus a stop at the cafeteria for lunch or dinner)

Going bowling, spending an afternoon outdoors would be fine too.
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