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Our Heavenly Father and His Word, my kids, being healthy, the outdoors, and being with those I love.
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I follow our Heavenly Father and His Word, and I hope to find a woman who loves truth and wants to walk with her husband pursuing our Heavenly Father's Will together. I do not believe in sex before marriage. I still believe in chivalry. I'm affectionate, tender-hearted, loyal, and romantic. I believe in working hard, helping others, and taking care of my family and friends. I love my kids and we do everything together. We love to laugh, play, and work hard, but love to relax at home too. I can be silly, playful, and sarcastic. I'm independent and quiet sometimes. I'm determined and confident. I try to live humble and modest. I love being with my kids, living a healthy lifestyle, cooking healthy, going to the gym, working out, running, baseball with my boys, camping, hiking, reading, theatre, history, museums, movies, music, small towns, and traveling... but being home is always best.

I believe the foundation of true love and marriage is based upon our faith and love for our Heavenly Father (Yahuah) and His Son Yahusha the Messiah (Jesus Christ). We are saved by grace, but if we love Him we will keep His Commandments including His Sabbath and Feast Days. Yahusha (Jesus Christ) is my Savior and Melchizedek High Priest.

I do not celebrate Christmas or Halloween; these are all man-made holidays which came from the worship of false gods. I'm not a part of any denomination (I am not Messianic, Hebrew Roots, or Seventh Day Adventist)... I am just a Believer.

I do keep the Sabbath on the 7th Day (Saturday) because this is the 4th Commandment (Constantine of the Roman Empire changed the true Sabbath from the 7th Day of the week [Saturday] to the 1st Day of the week [Sun-day], because Sun-day was the day the pagans worshipped the sun! The "Christian Church" is full of false teachings and man-made traditions. We should always seek the truth and Yahuah’s Word (the Bible).

Hallelu-yah (Praise-Yah)

I hope to find a woman with strong faith and a heart for our Heavenly Father. A woman with traditional moral values, who is very affectionate, confident, funny, humble, tender-hearted, compassionate, giving, loves children, romance, travel, the outdoors, and a healthy lifestyle; a common sense girl who loves to laugh, be with those she loves, and to take care of her husband and children above all.
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