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Hello! Thanks for stopping by. Please don't be frightened of my profile! :-) If you are an average reader it takes under 10 minutes. :-P. And if you plan to skip it, please skip me, too, as we certainly would not be a good match at this point. :). Also, I will very likely skip messages that show lazy writing.
That, to me, reveals a lack of respect for the reader. That said? Please, feel free to read on as I share a small, but integral, piece of my mind, heart, and soul...

First, you should know I am usually MUCH more light-hearted than my profile MAY suggest. So stay calm. :-P.

I am not a "fisher." If I message you, it means I am prepared to truly spend time to get to know you, not send glib messages to dozens of girls and "wait for something to 'catch' me." I am not the sort to talk with you but all the while have a hope that "maybe someone 'better' will come around." That is awful.

I am a "love is an action and choice" type of man, and not a "love is a feeling" type of man. Regardless of how I feel, I will always choose to love you. Of course, this will grow as we honor and obey Him; the author of love. :-)

Secondly, you should know my profile is not for the superficial nor lazy; this was intentional. I am of the mind that if someone does not pay attention to the profile a person took time to write ("Do all things well" , "Do ALL that you do for the glory of God"), there is an extremely high chance they also do not pay close attention to God's word. So, my goal was to reduce contact from such people, and encourage contact from those who take their claim to be followers of Christ very seriously, and Honor Him. Of course, it is the Bible that explains and defines what is honoring to Him.

The saddest thing about this site is the high amount of people who claim to be Christian, but have no idea what the Bible says about what a Christian is. Even more tragic when considering that, "the sickest person is not the one who is diagnosed with a great disease but, rather, the sickest person is one who IS sick, but considers themselves whole." This is why it is imperative to obey the Bible's command to continually "work out your salvation with fear and trembling." Anyone can claim to be something. I can claim to be a better basketball player than Michael Jordan...but claiming something never made it true. I try to pray especially hard for such people. Christ also speaks about them, quite soberingly, in Matthew 7.

As for me? I hope you will see that I truly am a non-nominal follower of Christ. One who "worships Him in spirit and in truth" and one who proves to be one who Christ speaks of: "those who love Me, obey my commandments (and they are not burdensome)." :)

I am really athletic, really funny (or so my 7-year-old nephew claims), really blue-eyed, and really a virgin. Probably not interested, romantically speaking, in a woman with children, but I am open to the consideration of such. The main thing is to find a lady with a "gentle heart" and a "quiet spirit," who seeks Christ with all her heart, body, and soul, as the Bible commands. I hope to find a girl who encourages me to follow Christ each moment, as I hope to encourage her. As a brief aside, I usually wink if there is some interest, and respond if you show some in return rather than composing emails for each. :-)

I try to keep in mind that disagreements in life will always be there, but that does not mean that we have to be disagreable. And I realize that while we cannot control the response that others and the world will give us, we CAN control the response that we give it... What a beautiful, and NON-wordly thing when people can see two professing Christians argue about something in a loving manner, and walk away happy and friends! That is not something that most people often see.

On a more disturbing note and, at the risk of sounding like one of those dreaded "lecturers," I must say I am a bit shocked at the number of people that seem unaware of actual evidence for their faith. They seem to neglect that the main driving force for the Early Church and Apostles was the evidence for, and truth of, the resurrection. And that was the focal point of their witness and for their sudden change of heart (and courage). Without that? The Christian faith is nothing, and Christ the biggest fraud. But the good news of the Bible is that He WAS crucified and resurrected; and there IS sufficient evidence for it. What He said and did was true, and it can be inspected. This is what makes Christianity (and our claims to it) distinctly seperate from other worldviews; it is true, and Jesus does not expect us to blindly believe, He gave us the word (and minds) for a reason. We are not called to say something is true only because we "believe" it. We are called to believe something, because it is true. There is evidence for the person of Christ, the validity of His claims, and for His resurrection. If you are a professing Christian and unfamiliar with this? I strongly encourage you to learn quickly. It will help solidify your own thinking, and strengthen your witness (and credibility) to others.

When our faith is evidence-based it makes our witness so much stronger, as people cannot simply say, "Sure, you feel that way, I feel this way, and the muslim says God helps him and others showed him to God, the mormon says God helps her and others showed her to God" and so on. Instead, they must deal with actual evidence. For the Christian, it is our foundation, and "how firm a foundation." Then our subjective experiences can use the TRUTH of the gospel as a springboard. If I FEEL down or FEEL like doubting this or that, those feelings are all insignicant, because they do not change the evidence. Just because I feel that I can fly, does not make the evidence for gravity any less real, and I will be far less likely to attempt to fly. So, far from doubting God, I only doubt my own understanding of Him. I like an old quote which says, "Based on what I DO know of Christ and His character, I can trust Him for that which I do not know."

I wish I could say it more encouragingly, but I would like to avoid having to respond to each message on an indidual basis if you disagree with any of the former (or following). So...

Please, do not message me if you do not read and obey everything within the Bible, and strive to conform your life to the Truth; in both word and deed ("have a clear conscience before God"); "with all your heart, soul, body, and mind" (the Greatest Commandment - Matthew 22:37).
This includes, of course, the things we choose to put in front of our eyes and ears for entertainment. Additionally, please do not message me if you maintain that having evidence for, and a "sound defense for the gospel," is not important (which is, in fact, in violation of God's word). If you believe we cannot truly honor God's command to 'Love Him with all our heart, strength, and mind?' Please remember that just because you have not done something, does not mean that others do not. God promises that He always provides a way out of temptation and never overburdens us. Or do we disbelieve verses such as "Humble yourselves before God, resist the devil and he will flee far from you?" God's grace is certainly powerful enough to help us obey as He commands us. :)

I am looking for a lady who truly believes what the Psalmist says, that "Fulness of joy is found in Him." And someone who does not skip the 2 verses following Jeremiah 11. The latter is nothing without the former. :-) It is astonishing how many people neglect that part of the Bible. God loves us unconditionally, yes. But He does not bless us unconditionally. We must come to Him on His terms, not ours. Absolute Surrender. :)

In short, if you are, as GK Chesterton put it, "at peace with the Universe, yet at war with the world," we should get along smashingly. :-) If you are true to your word, and focus on loving others, even if you must disagree with them or even if you do not LIKE them...and you "desire all to come to a knowledge of Him," all will be well. :)

Feel free to send a message, I check this not often and...have become rather disenchanted with the website, so have become far more hesitant to message others. So, if YOU think I would make a GOOD (as the Bible defines it) husband and father, feel free to let me know you would like to meet. :) And don't miss out because you have some arbitrary notion that "men must email me first." :-P Why message you if you do not express your heart and mind and love? :) What would the draw be but a focus on your beauty?

P.S. Finally, I must admit a MAJOR 'pet peeve' (why quotes? Because it is far more than a simple pet peeve). I cannot understand why so many pastors and people care so little about using major terms God has given to us in the same way and manner for which He intended them. Holiness, repentance, obedience, grace, and worship are often some of those most abused and devalued. For example, if there is any need for a term such as "Worship leader," that position could only ever be held by Jesus Christ. The Bible tells us what worship is, not our pastors or people that 'lead' the singing. Worship, as the new testament defines, is a FAR richer and more amazing thing, and we fail God when we do not treat it as He intended it. Archbishop William Temple described it, so beautifully, in these terms,

"Worship is the submission of all of our nature to God. It is the quickening of the conscience by His Holy Spirit, the nourishing of the mind by His Truth, the purifying of the imagination by His beauty, the opening of the heart to His love, and the submission of will to His purpose. All this, gathered up in adoration, are the greatest of all expressions of which we are capable."

Worship is really a one-word term to describe the meaning of life. Our whole lives are to be worship to God. In the Old Testament we USED to GO TO a place to worship, we used to do it AT A TIME...but at the coming of Christ it changed drastically... For now, instead of going TO a temple to worship, we take the temple with us, wherever we go. This has radically different implications from the recent modern perversion of the term, that leads people away from what the Bible actually says. "Worship Him in spirit and in truth..." Does not add a qualifier of "on Sundays, or when you go to a building with others who claim to be Christians." :-). The true definition is far, far more wonderful; far, far more powerful. :-)

Also, I am not a supporter of Bethel, Hillsong, Tomlin, Redman, TBN, Osteen, Joyce Meyer, TD Jakes and any who share the pulpits with them. So, if you follow such, we will not be a good match. :-)
First Date
What we would do on a first date? Well, talk and get to know one another of course! As stated before, all I am seeking, ultimately, is a woman who points me to Jesus Christ and encourages me to "abide in Him and in His Word" in all she says, and does, and how she does it, of course. "If we have all the truth and knowledge in the world, but have not love, we are as a clanging gong" and we cut off the ears of those we claim to love and talk to (similar, perhaps, to how Christ's servant struck off the ear of the person who came to take Jesus away, yet Christ healed the ear....but how often we, by how we speak and treat others, 'cut off an ear' and close their desire to hear the good news of Christ).
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