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On fire for Jesus!! All hope is on the Lord, Jesus Christ! Praise Jesus! Hallelujah!

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A Marriage Partner
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Sonrise Church
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Possibly, who knows
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Sales, management, street ministry, evangelism, discipleship
Loving the Lord, praise, discipleship, evangelism, street ministry, volunteering, praying, reading the Bible, theology, apologetics, church, (loving, pleasing, and talking to my wife), hiking, biking, swimming, camping, off-grid-living, organic foods, hun
About Me
Praise Jesus for these opportunities!!
Please proceed if you want to see someone's good AND bad points. If you are sensitive to someone giving a lot of information about themselves upfront or explaining in detail exactly what they want out of a relationship please don't continue reading!
I don"t chat and rarely phone calls (unless you can't write English but can speak it or we are exclusive). I use messaging or email only and I don't always get right back to you!!!! Similar to old fashioned letter writing. Just because CDFF shows me online doesn't mean anything!! I may be responding to someone else's message, just checking my messages, failed to logout etc, etc. I don't have the time, energy, need or desire to be that dependant on electronics unless we are married or getting married or if it is an urgent matter!!! And then I will give you all of the instant attention you want in any form you want it!! Bottom line, I don't want to be tied to an instaneous back and forth conversation unless we are married or getting married. Sorry that was such a long explaination but some have had a very hard time understanding this point because they are so hooked on back and forth bullet points that have no substance, are time consuming, have lost the depth of a long thought out message that can be typed when you have the free time and you are in the mood to write it and can be given some SERIOUS thought and prayer to!! Also, when I have chatted or given my phone number out almost all have turned out to be scammers!!!
Scammers please stop trying (174 to date), unless you want to talk about Jesus, because that's all you are getting from me!!
Marriage is a very serious goal for me! With the Lord's help, we make this process easy and fast! I ask you about forty questions, you ask me questions, then I take it to the Lord for His decision. If I agree with your answers and the Lord says you are the one, I ask you to marry me! Then you decide yes or no. No long drawn out process that is prone to failure. Just simple, serious, quick, Christ-based decision making!
You are counting the number of people you loved and brought the word of the Lord, Jesus Christ!! You concentrate using your time and energy on helping those less fortunate then you and on enhancing the kingdom of the Lord, Jesus Christ!! Praise Jesus!
Swm, never married, no kids, 160 lbs very fit. Never smoked, drank, or taken drugs. Released from prison after 14 years. Have not had a girlfriend, been on a date, or had sex in almost 24 years (saving myself for the Lords' chosen one for me), homeless, little money, but I have never lost hope in the Lord Jesus Christ!! Praise Jesus!! Hallelujah!!! By worldly standards I am poor and considered less then nothing but in Jesus I am rich!! Thank you Jesus for everything!! Seeking a very forgiving Christian woman who loves the Lord and wants to get married for life. I love deeply and will do anything within the Lords' will to satisfy, help, comfort, and maximize my wife's happiness and joy while serving the Lord.
I want an intimate deeply loving everlasting marriage where we can share our deepest desires, secrets, needs, problems, and ideas without fear. We will be able to forgive one another for anything and have each other's backs no matter what. We will always put the Lord first and be obedient to Him in all things. We will be the kind of man and woman the Lord describes in the Bible. We are both traditional Christians who believe every word of the Bible and want complete obedience to the true king of the universe the Lord Jesus Christ.
I love everyone and I am here if you need prayer or just someone to talk to or lean on. I am a prayer warrior and a great listener who will never judge or leave you because of something you tell me or something you did in your past, no matter what you tell me!! Don't ever be afraid to ask me anything. I am here to serve my king, the Lord, Jesus Christ, and help you in any way I can. Please, only contact me, if you are a truly forgiving person who is filled with grace, mercy and love, who does not see yourself better then others, is slow to anger, and loves the Lord with all of your heart, strength, might, spirit, and mind.
Please note the Bible verse "unequally yoked" does not have anything to do with a person's past, their current socioeconomic situation/status, or their maturity in Christ! I pray that I can help you and make this a positive, love filled experience. I love you all!! God Bless!!
PS As the man, in all of these interactions-including marriage, I take complete, and full responsibility for all failures!!
Nothing turns me on more then a women who is obedient to the Lord and her husband.
Please be non materialistic and love the woods.
Please, no night owls. I go to bed very early and rise very early as well.
I don't care about your legal status, ethnicity, or how you got to the US but I will take it as a sign from God if you fly to Portland, Oregon USA and will marry the first overseas woman who does!!!!
I realize this is a very sensitive issue but ladies, please, be fit by exercising regularly, eating right, and reducing your stress levels. I do all the above and want the same for my wife for health and some chemistry as well.
Must be interested in an independent/healthy/clean lifestyle that involves hunting, fishing, gathering, gardening, preserving, organic nonprocessed food, generating your own power etc.
Must be willing to live in Oregon initially, and IF we move later on must be able to live in a State that has a high percentage of public lands west of the Rocky mountains(Oregon, Washington, Idaho, California, Montana, Wyoming, Alaska, colorado, Canada, etc)
Many have ask, so this is my ideal living situation;. Living off the grid at least 20 miles out of the city with my loving wife. Generate my own electricity, grow my own food, hunt, fish and yes, still have modern conveniences, hot water, heat, lights, clothes washer, transportation etc. But, you must be just as comfortable, living in a tent, with no conveniences, and very few material possessions, if needed!! Ladies PLEASE note, you can have a very high standard of living while living off the grid!! AND YES, we will still buy things from the store or barter for things we don't have!! Come to the city for discipleship, evangelism, work, and other activities as directed by the Lord. Basically John the Baptist with modern coveniences. Alright, I am a prepper, ok! I ultimately i am preparing for the glory of Jesus but also the terrible which must come first and soon (earthquakes, famine, diseases, financial collapse, natural disasters etc-read your Bible, it is coming soon)! God Bless!! Amen!!
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Whatever makes my lady comfortable and special.
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