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My faith and my children. Running, exercise, painting, writing, cooking, camping, hiking, biking, traveling, diving, sports, wine tasting, and single malts
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"He Will Make You Laugh," Says New York Times. Read his blog about online dating if you doubt it: "A Man Needs A Woman Like A Fish Needs A Bicycle"

I am a Christian and my faith defines me. I became a Christian in 1974 through Young Life. I am the Wally Cleaver of our generation. Many people have traded away their values to fit in with a more politically correct generation. God didn't lower His standards in the Bible to attract more believers and I will not lower my standards just to date.

I just moved to the Portland area--nobody here has a tan. I believe life is too short to wear black socks. I have more colorful socks and I'd wager more pairs of shoes than you.

I have a healthcare consulting company and just moved here. I will make you laugh. I work hard at being happy and at making others happy. I do not play games and I am a serial monogamist and I have never been unfaithful. I am chivalrous to a fault.

I work hard at enjoying life. I play hard. I exercise and run at least five days a week. Physically I am in better shape as than 90-% percent of people my age. I've never done drugs and I do not smoke. I am a good cook and I do the laundry and vaccuuming--I'm a good catch.

I've climbed two 20,000' volcanoes and 39 of Colorado's 54 14,000' peaks. I've worked or vacation in 30 countries.

I've done everything outdoors so far except jumping out of a perfectly good plane. I love the outdoors and exercising, especially running. Give me a fire and a great bottle of wine and I am content. Give me those same things with a woman who is affectionate, intelligent, and kind and I am in seventh heaven. I spend time with my children, I read, paint, write, cook, and run.

I desire to be with a woman of strong faith. What I want in a relationship is a woman with whom after being together for ten years still gives me goosebumps each time I see her or hear her voice. I am attracted to women who are equally comfortable in high heels and a little black dress as they are being a tomboy; women who clean up well but who also don't mind roughing it.

I am looking for someone who is intelligent, witty, winsome and coquettish--I like that word-- affectionate, and moral. I am a fan of beautiful women and of women who know they are beautiful. I want to be with someone who is feminine and outdoorsy. I place a premium on intelligence. I appreciate it when you speak your mind and I appreciate what makes you different from me. I am a fan of beautiful women and of women who know they are beautiful. I want to be with someone who enjoys being feminine. I won't be turned off by your wrinkles if you won't be turned off by my thinning hair. I won't try to change you to make you more like me. I If I was to do that I might as well date myself which would be cheaper. If I click the ‘like' button on one of your photos I am not being shallow. Please take that as a compliment.

I guarantee you I will make you laugh and smile. I work hard at being happy and at making others happy. I do not play games, I am a serial monogamist, and I have never been unfaithful.

I don't typically spend my leisure time on dating sites. I'm not convinced this will work but feel free to try to prove me wrong.
First Date
We can be indoors or outside. Indoors I'd prefer it if it were raining or storming. The fire would be crackling. The music would be something from the 60's or 70's, something we could sing along with while we cooked something different for dinner. The wine will have already been served. Outdoors, we could do pretty much the same thing. I love to camp and hike but I've reached the age where the dinner and the wine are as important as the hike. Or we could check out a play or a concert, find a new place to eat or explore the vineyards.
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