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I am looking for a holy Spirit filled woman,that loves the Lord,and who is about obeying the word of god,and not fighting against what is written by Jesus Christ,for the saving of your soul,so be sold out to Jesus Christ,if u don't want to lose your soul,and if she is sold out to Jesus Christ,then she know how to treat a man,that is sold out to Jesus,and if she is sold out to Jesus,then she will obey the word,instead of her feelings,and she will know her place as a woman,according to what is written in the bible,by the lord Jesus Christ,if she is should out to Jesus Christ,because if u really love yourself,your soul is more important,than anything that the devil has to offer u on this earth,and if any woman is like that,then she is a wise woman,because she is about,her soul being taken care of,and other things become second,and that is the type of mindset u should have,or should be trying to get,if they really love themselves,so I am looking for a godly woman,with that same mindset,that my soul is top priority,because there is nothing on this earth,worth her losing her soul over,no matter what the devil offer her,so if there is a woman on this site,that have the saving of there soul,is there top priority,can i get to u,because of u woman on this site,think that u are real women of god,but u are not,and if u want heaven to be your home,in the next life,u best line of with what is written,or u will lift up your eyes in hell,if u don't do things according to what Jesus Christ has written,and that is love,god bless
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