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Father, Son and Holy Spirit
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Jesus' LOVE, hikin'/bikn'-really love riding mountain and rd bikes-, travel, mountains and ocean, reading, writting, snuggling, sharing joy, gardening, kissing(in the garden ;) ), FLAVORFUL healthy cooking, music, CAMPING, hunting/fishing, ministering,
About Me
I submit to Your perfection, my precious Lord, Jesus, may your perfect will be felt in our hearts and please give us minds to follow it, Amen. If we cant begin any possible "us" with this type of prayer, you may as well stop reading now, my dear

Just a Southern gentleman who plays in these mountains, lakes and rivers like a little boy. I value intelligence, free spirits and openly, deeply exploring Him and His creation. I am conservative, meaning practical in matters and careful in spending. Enjoy creating delicious (Cajun leaning) healthy, different dishes and staying in great shape to enjoy MyLady and our life. Also enjoy the arts, people watching and the creative satisfaction of remodeling, growing, writing and always learning. I find magic in a canoe sliding thru the water or sails silently pulling me along and dont get me started on my bikes, lol...I know I am beloved by my precious, perfect Creator, Love and Savior, though I sin and make mistakes and it's ONLY by HIS GRACE....and I really, really try to apply that to others. If we're not romantic why bother being ...;) I'm comfortable single, but waterfalls, sunsets, kisses (tried kissing myself and sprained a lip) and exploring His wonder are meant to be shared ...From museums to Wilderness, mushrooms to mountains and symphonies to seas, i WILL pick u lots of wildflowers, but i'll eat a good many ;). Love storms and getting lost and learning and touching...Movie and snuggles but rarely tv (thou fighting over football is a family sport)...more often music and a book. Born a sailor and still obey the call of that gull to the beach, occasionally, with more than a tad of cowboy, but mountains have happily become home ;) LOVE my grown daughters, brats that they may be.... Old folks, kids, plants and animals seem to take to me and it's mutual, lol, ditto with artists and those who feel "different", He dinna use a cookie cutter but His unbounding imagination with us...I am quiet by nature (observer) in public and annoying by nature in private, lol. Am quite private in my personal matters....I have complete integrity in my relationship and require the sam.I'm a bit of a loner (cowboy coming out) but enjoy family and friends and people watching immensely...i am dedicated to my lady and "us", I am a nurturer and gardener by His design. I'm a sensual, , loving, supportive and absolutely loyal man seeking the same in my lady... I will listen to you and consider it my (beloved) job to learn your quirks and desires and dad loves his work...I'll read Chaucer or Song of Songs to you with your head on my chest and am currently having a fling with Willa Cather. But honestly He is slowly fading my desire for books beyond His Living Word.. I spend my leisure in nature and can't wait to walk in the garden of an evening, with He and thee ;) Lets share His laughter and hugs (some of my fav memories are of His arm around my shoulder and His elbow prodding my ribs as we laugh at my foolishness) and build a home of loving and mutual respect that we take wherever we may roam, with the Holy Spirit as the foundation and our companion. I am perpetually curious and often dufus. Have had my spiritual butt handed to me a few times, but I'm still here ;) Jesus never ceases to AMAZE me with His...His EVERYTHING!
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Coffee and talkee, lol...picnic if you are comfortable, church and a walk/talk, church and food! and walk and talk
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