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I'm Bob,

Up front I'm 60 but very athletic still and I don't see that changing anytime soon. Lord willing I'll keep prioritizing keeping the temple of the holy spirit in working order. I take supplements to get nutrition that is missing in our diets which I highly advise for long life.

I have a vision to have and raise a family to his glory. I've waited for a woman who ALSO has a vision for the things of God and doesn't hope to draw into worldly security with insurances from this world etc. But will truly glorify God. yes I'm radical. I love Jesus and I want to glorify him not man. He's my doctor and he's done a better job than any worldly doctor. Glory to him. He's my provider and I'm in debt to no man. And he's in charge of bringing a person to me who will love me. I'm not responsible for knocking over artificial obstacles to get to her. Silly games are out. Boaz was a picture of Jesus' love for the church. He didn't barge in. He patiently waited for the church to come to him. I'm patiently waiting.

Now..for those who might not be on here for the right motives.. FIRST: DO NOT send me mails telling me to contact you at some email (usually..Yahoo..) because this is a COMMON HARVESTING SCAM and I'm not *that stupid* :-). Just communicate with me on here until I know you *well* or I will report the profile.
Now also briefly... First glance at this site reveals... we have a lot of people who age discriminate. Seriously..ladies. You're 28 and you won't receive mails from guys who are more than 32?? *blink*?

So...Boaz is pretty much out of the picture then? Just a concise warning to re-examine your value system. If you age discriminate you will no doubt wind up losing the whole relationship God has designed for you. Because that's just a glaring character flaw. In Christ there is no age, so don't make it your focus. Ok..back to our regularly scheduled introduction :) )

My primary use for the internet has been sharing the gospel since '86. But I'm always open and HOPING for a relationship that actually develops into a real deep friendship. I feel like I've somehow been denied the physical 'learning ground' of a relationship that every..thief, politician (ie. thief usually, lol), hit man and whatever seems to have no problem finding. Here I am...a person who's never even hit a person (though my self defense skills are probably in the top 99% for my age group I'd think I can safely say. ) and it seems women are frightened of me or something. I don't know why. It sure makes for a lonely walk in the park though.

So I'm looking for a relationship where the focus isn't the worries of this life. The lord has taken care of me and I've never had to rely on anyone else for finances. He gives the provision for his vision. If someone is so insecure that they need to micro-manage what I feel led to do then..they need not apply :-) However if someone actually trusts the Lord enough to grow in him with me we might find we'd be the best of friends and be a huge encouragement to one another in this dark world.
First Date
DATE Divine appointment to edify. So I' something edifying mutually. Go eat greasy food! hhe. just kidding. Hey whatever the spirit leads. I like running on the dunes in Florence, OR... or a lot of the beaches in that area. Or Southern Oregon or... here in Montana going up to Big Sky to hang out with friends up there or hanging out at the music store or my friend's Deli or whatever.
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