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I will tell you this if you message me and don't be real you get blocked i don't like trannies or transgender so I'm not interested in them, so for those that message me learn how to read man it's common sense. Where the real beautiful women at.
About Me
I'm down to earth kind of guy and I love the Lord as my Lord and savior and God is good. If you ladies aren't here for a relationship and want to fool around and waste people time then get outa here because I don't have time for childish games. I'm talking for those who aren't here looking for a relationship all you have to do is leave. If you guys are Christian and yall worship God then common sense would tell you that you have to open up and put effort so if y'all can't then you guys are wasting your time. I'm done with this stupid app apparently they are fake women on here so I'm done and sad thing is when people talk to you they forget to talk to you smh what an idiot like who does that. I'm done with this stupid app. I'm deleting this so bye I don't care no more, females in this generation sucks. You females don't get it if you can't act like real woman then you won't get no where. One thing I will not stand for racism so if you have a problem then get the hell outa here I can't stand racist people. If you women send a message and don't respond when I send a message but read and don't reply back for days you will get block I don't have time for games. Women need to put effort and not a little or not at all because if you doing that then get the hell outa here. I'm so sick of these stupid fake women on here like why are you here. Beauty and no brain will get you nowhere and if yall are comparing other dudes and seeing who is better looking and seeking attention then get the hell outa here because everyone is good looking. Only stupid people do that kid stuff and they don't have any common sense or standards as a indidvual, you get nowhere in life.If you a transgender woman im not interested so don't bother I'm only interested in a real women that I can have kids with. If you are here to wink at me and dont say anything then you going to get blocked, I'm not playing with nobody either be real or leave this app. If y'all viewing me and messaging me with no profile pic you will be blocked. It's alot of yall kids on here that shouldn't be on here, sad and pathetic
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I'm looking for a godly woman and the woman that loves God and seeks a relationship. If y'all are winking people and not responding or sending a message you will be blocked quick so either talk after you wink or before or get off my page
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