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God. Travel, cultures, gaming, anime, the sea, activities that are fun to me like scuba, jet skiing etc. Dogs and dolphins are cool.
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^^^ mistake... Bday is actually May 16th, not March. Can't seem to change it.

Most importantly, God comes first.
I am shy but long to not be so. Uderneath, I am playful, loving, and my soul is determined.
I have high hopes and dreams and want to continue to become the woman of God that I am meant to be.
My spiritual walk is in a time of healing, I believe.
I'll tell you I am nothing perfect but it's what I strive towards. Perhaps that is why I'm so harsh towards myself even though good things are said... It's still hard for me to accept the good things. Again, I'm in a time of healing that only God knows how long it will take. If you can't deal with this then don't talk to me because I believe two come together to help each other become better in the eyes of God.

Did I mention I am a gamer? Well I am and tend to believe that my calling could quite possibly be to make an impact in that community. I've gone through hard times due to this but, have become better in finding who I am from it as well. And just because I enjoy gaming does not mean I am not uncultured or don't enjoy traveling or being active because I very much do. I was raised in a family that has traveled the world a bit and I only pray that, that could somehow continue in my life...

Other than that I love ancient cultures, the sea and all that lives in it. My mind, I feel, thinks deeply, hense why I do not talk much and keep to myself. This has been mistaken for other things but it is nothing less than the truth because I feel shy and intimidated most of the time. I don't have many friends just a couple of close ones and since I am a gamer, yes, the majority of them are guys and I know my own boundaries. My only interest is the man of God, God wants me to be with and has been ever since I can remember.
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