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When I was 13, I loaded up my dirt bike with gear, and I spend the night camping next to the creek. That is one of the best memories in my life because it was the first time I had set forth a goal, accomplished it, and loved every minute of it, even the terrible wind storm, improvised toilet, and the mosquito swarm. To this day, my favorite type of adventure is one that sees me doing something different without a safety net.

Though usually shy and quiet, I still have no problem walking across a room to meet someone new. I usually rely on a dry - and occasionally warped - sense of humour to bail me out of awkward situations.

There are certain things I feel very strongly about.

Faith: Though I've had my own struggles with (and continue reevaluating) my faith, it has always been central to my life and I've always been involved with my faith. I believe in the Bible wholeheartedly and always hold myself up to Christian standards.

Country: Born and raised in the country, I have lived in cities but I love the open space, the quiet, and the freedom.

Community: Being raised in the country means you wave at everybody, even if you don't know them. Throughout my whole life, having strong ties to friends and family is what keeps me going. I am not a social partier, but I find and keep my friends close and give them loyalty.

Youth: I am very passionate about giving kids the best opportunities and being the best role model I can be. It's the reason I went into teaching.

Though I'm not desperate for marriage or anything like that yet, I can say for certain that these values will be an important factor in who I choose to spend my time with. I am always open to new ideas and would even appreciate someone who doesn't like the things I like or enjoys things I've never considered, but there are some things I just know I could not compromise on.

In addition to farming (and general country life) I am very passionate about two other interests in my life: driving and music. Maybe it's my family background, maybe it's the fact that I do some trucking on occasion, but I love being out on the open road and I love listening to, singing to, and playing to all types of music. If I'm ever in a bad mood, I like to play some guitar or go for a drive. It's the best therapy out there.
First Date
Well, since I'm pretty easygoing...

"I dunno, whaddyou wanna do?"

I'm usually up for anything, but I would probably like to do something that reflects the simpler pleasures in life; a good movie on a summer evening, a walk along the Forks, coffee at Tim's... that sort of thing.
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