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books and reading, writing, off grid homesteads, good food, art of many types, discussing ideas and dreaming of better things, ecohouses, seeing the wonder of life, stargazing
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Seeking friendship and dating which could turn into a LTR, even marriage, perhaps.

I was raised in the Catholic church, but I left that in my teens as it wasn't for me - and it still isn't. So, I am NOT Catholic, that was forced on me when I was a child. Thankfully, I didn't turn against God and Jesus altogether, which is what many people do, sadly, when they leave such an institution. Since leaving the Catholic church I've looked at many different spiritual paths over the years, and while I always had a faith in God, and some understanding of Jesus, I wasn't sure which way was best for me.

In recent years, I came to a deeper understanding of the Bible than I ever had before, and with the help of some good friends I made progress on my path. About a year ago I was saved in Jesus Christ. Since then, I've been looking for a new Christian community, one who truly follows the Bible and Jesus. Haven't found that group yet, but I remain hopeful!

I'm a creative artist type, not into team sports (but I do like to walk/hike in nature in all seasons and appreciate the wonder and the beauty, would like to get back to cross-country skiing), love music, books/reading, and good TV shows and movies. I love food of many types, tend to eat healthy, and do cook some things, always like to learn more. I enjoy a good coffee (grind organic beans myself and use pure water with a metal filter), as well as many types of tea. I have travelled to a few places, and would like to visit more.

I'm looking to have a quiet life in the country one day, yet live within a short drive to the city, (to enjoy things in the city and to travel to different countries also, but to come home to a peaceful place in nature). I like to garden and want to grow some of our own food (organic veggies, fruit trees), have a greenhouse, solar panels (and an electric car to get charged by them would be great!), appreciate nature, support each other in our lives, and grow closer in our Faith. I also like the idea of an RV for a getaway, to tour around new and favourite places.

****Use caution on this site, are some here are liars, and perhaps even false Christians. *****
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Glow-in-the-dark mini golf, then talking over food/coffee/tea.
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