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I am originally from Russia, I came to the US at 14. I was born Jewish but I found Jesus on my own when I was 22. Ever since then the Lord is the big part of my life.

I prefer churches that combine Jewish practices with Christian ones. Messianic churches is the obvious choice. There are other churches that do some of it -- particularly Seventh Day Adventists and United Church of God. Even though I regard them as false (primarily because they believe their respective founders are prophets and I don't believe in modern prophets) I like going to them and compare their teachings. I am very theory-minded kind of a person, so comparing various doctrines, weeding out all the false stuff and seeing what is left, is something I absolutely enjoy. I won't go outside of Judeo-Christian domain though. Things like Buddhism are definitely big no-no.

I completted my first Ph.D. in Physics when I was 29 and right now I am in the process of doing second Ph.D. in mathematics. My eventual goal is to become a professor (either in physics or in math). But both jobs are highly competitive so I am not anywhere close. I have to keep praying :)

One thing I miss from the time before the coronavirus hit is traveling. I used to enjoy jumping on a train to get to neighboring town and see whats there (thankfully, the local train is super cheap in Albuquerque, although Amtrak is a lot more costly so I had to resort to the former rather than latter). I also used to enjoy exploring the cities trying different restaurants and foods. I also used to enjoy bookstores. Not necesserely buy anything but just come there and read. Barns and Noble was particularly enjoyable, with its coffee shop. Too bad everything is closed due to corovanirus. I can't wait till things re-open again. In the meantime I am emaling myself a long list of things I will be doing once they are open so I won't forget any of my wishes.

Back in the COVID-free days, one of my favorite modes of traveling was to find physics conference in the place I like to visit and that way I don't have to feel guilty about going there. And then, once I am there, I would take a few extra days to explore. But then again, things like that would usually require to fly across the country so I could only give myself this treat a couple of times a year. The rest of the time I had to stick to my own local travels :)

I also enjoy camping and backpacking. One thing I miss living in the desert of Albuquerque is swiming. When I see a lake or a river, I want to swim to the other side -- and then measure how deep it is at various midpoints of my swim (can I reach the bottom by going as far under water as possible?) But, even though there are no lakes in Albuquerque, there are the Sandia mountains, and I crossed them to the other site a few times with solo backpacking trips that took few days. It was fun :)

I have a dream since I was a little kid back in Russia: to cross the forest on the north side of Moscow. That one never happened. Hopefully if/when the coronavirus will finally end I will visit Russia just to do it. I looked up that forest on the google maps and it turns out that its quite doable: if I pick up early morning, it almost looks like I can get to the other side late at night; then I can either put up a tent or get a hotel, and come back the next day. Too bad google maps didn't exist back when I was a little kid in Russia.

In terms of relationships, I am definitely looking for serious relationship that will hopefully end in marriage. Although before I go that final step I definitely want to make sure its the right person because I don't believe in divorce (Matt 5:32). I also don't believe in sex before marriage either. I am looking for someone who can be there for me emotionally and I would be there for her as well. I suffer from Asperger Syndrome so I felt ostracized much of my adult life, and I want to find someone who can heal this wound and make me feel whole again. I believe that good communication is very important for a relationship.
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I am open to ideas. Anything between a simple coffee, a nice restaurant, or a movie would be good.
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