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Honest, down to earth, christ infused spirit led woman. Clean, Jack of all trades, athletic, honest, caring good sense of humour but serious. Believe in contented living and happiness a momentary emotion. Faith filled holy Spirit driven. Like a good cup of tea, I am the water and the Lord is my tea. I am fully infused and steeped to His perfection. I am far from perfect. It's all in the mind anyways.


Adrian Rogers, Joseph Prince, Doug Batchelor, Joel O'Steen, TD Jake's, Joyce Meyers, Beth Moore just some of the greats. My plug ins every day to stay faithful and rightious through Christ. Holy I am called. It is a blessed heritage. I am a Messionac believer. I have yet to find a man who is, on here. But it is a blessing to walk in HIS ways and a joy. Looking for a like minded blessing. Who has more than his own ideas and plans but wants to live the LORDs plans and embraces the Father's rules with a whole heart and a love beyond reasoning. However I am not looking for Mr nice who is really a wolf. I need a shepherd and a sheep. Also not a man who needs to be in control of everything. I need a man who is down to earth and is not arrogant. 1 Corinthians love is......
That's a really big shoe to fill. But kindness, gentleness, strength, courage, meekness and the fruits of the Spirit with the knowledge that we are the physical temples of the LORD with integrity, honour and faith. A man who worships HIM not a woman and does not need to be worshiped but respected and honoured. . Courage. And a love for our heavenly Father beyond all reasoning.
And I have children. No perverts, even Jesus ones, no pedophyle. I don't mind finding a gun. That kind of sickness is not needed on the earth. If you take offence to this. We should never talk. Amen. Praise the LORD.
But a healthy, as healthy as a man can be spiritually inclined believer. And there is only one for me, if any.
Who knows who he is and knows he is his only competition. A secure man who knows who he is and does not stumble because he wants to fit in. I need a man who is not abnoxious who is not in need of the world's attention, just the Father's. I need a man who does not draw attention with noise. I need a man who does not put others down and does not gratify his ego on the people he chews up and spits out. As well as a man who does not think it right that any other man be rude to his woman. I need a man who is not bribable and does not seek money. But respects money. Does not gossip and speaks of others only in love unless there is a sound reason to speak for the sake of healing, knowledge and a tearing down of demonic violence. Sometimes speaking of others is to bring truth to a dirty table. But only truth and facts. No embellishing of a situation. It's bad enough some things have to ever be spoken of to begin with. But without paying attention to history one can not change the course of the future and history just repeats. Someone not afraid if the LORDS voice, wisdom, or Saits, and Messengers from the LORD. Who embraces different and enjoys healthy change and growth.
Love takes time to grow. Someone who doesn't mind waiting properly and does not think himself worthy just because of his lebido and self. An unselfish man. A rarety today. And some one who is taller than me. Sorry but your feet have to be bigger. Lol! No complexes. And someone who is not a pet. But likes to have attention when it is healthy, and doesn't have a jealous steak because he is not the centre of the universe. And does not make his woman a pet.
No fake Christian's please. A man without mommy issues. We all thought daddy issues were bad. But mommy issues and men are far worse. And a man with a mommy and daddy issue has a lot of work ahead of them. I am not for you.
Wisdom is rare. But no Chinese thinkers. It's tiring.
I am very cultural in so many different ways. A traditionalist. And a person who is cultured and has a healthy education behind them.
A person who likes to go out but enjoys staying in and someone who respects the Sabbath. Who loves languages and is not intimidated by a strong capable faithfilled woman. And does not dislike a clean freak. Lol.
Someone who will follow the LORD and listen to reason. A man who does not follow the crowd but stands as a man and loves who he is. Even when society deams it unreasonable.
I need a man who wants to be a leader, Father, provider and respected. Clean, drug free, smoke free, drinks wine with a meal and respects his body mind and spirit and is not a lush. A man who understand communion. A man that does not draw attention with negative behaviour. And a man that does not lie as a habit. A man who is only for one and does not like to share what the Father has given. Also not a bragger or show off of money. That's rude and annoying. Not for me. A man that is not a Thomas. No I am not proving myself. If you don't believe me. Then keep walking. I am not for you. Please move on. It will make me soooo happy. :)
Someone who keeps family affairs within the walls of the house and does not call his entire phone list when there is a problem, his mother or his father. He thinks with his own mond not everyone elses. But works things out between YHVH and the woman he has chosen.
Someone who likes to play sports who likes healthy competition amd doesn't mind loosing now and again. Someone who likes to learn. Not someone who needs to be right but someone who is flexible and sincere. A man who does not abuse a traditional woman and does not think being given a glass is a sign of slavery. No womanist please. I appreciate women's rights, but respect Dobsons bringing up boys. Great read. Every man should read it. Aan who likes to read but does not ruin the book because he read it before me. Who can wait for me to catch up and discuss thoughts after. Nit before the book even begins. I will just put it down. Unreasonable tiresome nonesense.
Not a happy do gooder. Lol! But a sincere person with ethics, morals ad values. Who can see past the societal stigmas and looks beyond the realities and the works spewed by a wicked generation and media and sees hrough the Father's eyes. Patient, also needed and someone who is slow to anger. A life builder not a sucker.
A man who stands up for whatever is his when called to and would lay down his life for the LORD. And a man who does not run on fear. I can't save you. Only the LORD can. I don't not want to be your mommy, I have children. They need a mentor to honour not a unhealthy reality to adjust to.
I am looking for an equally yolked compliment to my life as I would be a compliment to his. A man who can dance but if he doesn't will learn respectfully. Someone that does not fish for complents. It's annoying and not my style either. But compliments when needed or deserved.
Someone who is not afraid to get lost in the world and trust the Father to lead him put of the situation. A man of solid faith.
And if you read all of this and send a message I will assume you understand. Shalom .
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