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Hello and thanks for reading about me. Also, if you have any questions about me please feel free to ask. I am tender, kind, considerate, patient, devoted, sincere and believe in resolving differences and not fighting over them. Some other information about me: I am an energetic, positive, fun loving, marriage minded guy who takes his Christian faith seriously. I came to know Jesus in my teens and have stayed the course.
I live in San Diego, California and enjoy romance, I.e. remembering the flowers, cards, surprise notes, important dates; like when we met, first date, etc. I would like to meet someone who loves God so that He would help our relationship last for a lifetime. Isn't attraction incredible? Imagine relaxing into strong arms holding you, feeling safe, appreciated, knowing that it is totally right while we dance all night. I am looking also. My education is high having earned bachelors and master's degrees. I am fit and attractive. Am emotionally literate and willing to take risks. I do not smoke nor drink. You do not have to be perfect but it would be great if you would strive for excellence, moral virtues, expressive kindness and have a heart for adventure. And perhaps like you I am not so much looking for someone that I can live with but rather someone that I would hate to live life without. I have a broad variety of interests including, but not limited to: reading, learning something new, snow skiing, gym workouts, swimming, traveling and seeing other countries, getting together with friends, nice dinners at home, walks along the beach, seeing the sunset, being physically and mentally active, etc. As summer approaches can you imagine walking by the ocean, feeling the soft sand under your feet with the onshore breeze gently stroking your hair and the warm sunshine across your face?
You may be asking, why am I single? I have had some long term relationships. One woman after getting engaged said that she believed she was being "called" to teach overseas and we parted on friendly terms. Several years ago I was planning a marriage to Stacey. This was when she told me about her credit card debts. She spent every dollar she made and was using credit cards in a very bad way. She was in serious financial trouble and she would not stop. It broke my heart, but I had to stop the wedding plans. After this, I had a relationship with Karen and we were talking about marriage but she and her children had not finished grieving the death of her husband. He died suddenly from a heart attack. We parted on friendly terms.
I am unique but in a positive way. Many life events and pursuits make us into who we are. I believe mine have brought me into a place where I am confident, comfortable and capable. If you have children already, I will be a great role model to prepare them for their adult years. I am relaxed and laugh easily but am serious when necessary. I will always be your best friend and never betray your trust in me. If you have any questions, even personal ones I will do my best to answer them clearly. Could you be the one for me? :) ****Please keep in mind that if the age range you specified on your profile is lower than my age, the site will not allow me to contact you!**** :purpleangel::applause::angel:
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Meet in a comfortable and nice setting by which we can get to know each other. :)
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