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With my humble background as an ordained priest and a retired pastor, I like to say "Thank you!" to anyone who sends me a favorite or a wink. While a wink means only one thing, a favorite has several meanings including saying that the Word of God in the profile has touched your heart. This is my major reason for wanting to say: "Thank you!"

Seemingly, the CDFF App erroneously sends favorites or winks to people 🤔 Some matches whose minds are poisoned by racism, while they still claim to be Christians; reply to me saying they "don't date blacks," and so on ad infinitum. This is being evil 🙈 ungodly, and hurtful 🤕 A "Thank you" is not asking for a date and a proposal can be turned down intelligibly. However, this is not my general experience for I've had the grace to know and interact with some golden hearts who are not blacks. Bless their hearts 💖

I read the Mosaic Community Church website recently thus: "The racial tensions, particularly in western culture, have become so great that the cause of unity may seem hopeless to some... While unity between the races is certainly a most difficult goal; it is not impossible according to the Word of God." Very true! Yet according to "some so called Christians," some of us who are not even ashamed to work in mission fields among other races; "unity between races is certainly a most difficult goal!" But the LORD says not everyone who calls Him, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter into the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of God, and that many are called, but few are chosen (Matthew 7:21; 22:14).

If God is a racist, we are all doomed! BUT HE IS NOT A RACIST and some of us are exactly like Him. One such white man was a citizen in the country of my origin and worked as director of a law institution under the state. He had no family and fostered two black boys and the trio lived together in the farmhouse. When the first born completed education, he chose to manage the farm instead of seeking for employment. The white man later took me in as one of his son and though I'm not sure he was a Christian, he had the heart of gold and did "the will of God" as the Good Lord says above. RIP Dad.

Psalm 122: 1-4 invites us to "go into the house of the Lord... Where the tribes go up, The tribes of the LORD" (tribes who's love knows no color, creed, race, ethnicity, or cultural prejudice). Let us desire to change our lives and allow Jesus to come and help us be men and women of deep faith without limits, languages, or borders.
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