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Criminal psychology, legal matters, constant learning, dichotomy of human relations, poverty alleviation, nature and animals, music, random stuff about fitness/nutrition, IF, martial arts/MMA/self defense, bushcraft, waste mgmt/recycling, volunteer works
About Me
I'm an old-fashioned woman who desires to touch the lives of the people that I've met and about to meet. I'm a born-again Christian who respects others' opinions, preferences and views in life. That being said, I don't shove my faith to anyone's throat and I'm also receptive to different ideas and philosophies in life. I don't claim to be perfect nor close to being sanctimonious. I'm not gonna deny though that I believe in God and His promises in the Bible even if that would mean funny to other people. I consider myself to have a healthy mixture of an alpha and beta personalities, but I'm generally an introvert (INFJ) who would always prefer a quiet moment by myself or with those who are very close to me. I also don't see a man as a milking cow or someone who'd open doors for me from time to time. The chivalry is really appreciated though and I often tend to see those guys as admirable. :)

I wish I could let others see what's inside my heart and mind to give them a clear picture of who I am as a person (because I believe these are the attributes that should matter), but I don't like blowing my own trumpet, let alone make myself appear better than other women. Simply put, I believe that a man's success greatly depends on the kind of woman he chooses to have in his life. If there's an off chance that I'd be able to meet a "gem in a rubble", he can be assured that he has found a needle in a haystack (modesty aside). I'm far from being perfect, but I'm definitely real.

I have zilch interest in talking to random guys because it somehow makes me feel like a player. Let's say if I'm equally interested in someone, expect that I would devote my time in getting to know him seriously. I'm not a serial dater who's looking for the next attractive guy/big fish available that I can have on my speed dial. If I were born as a man, I believe I shouldn't let the woman feel confused about my intention of getting to know her. There's nothing more saddening than to be used as a "rebound" or a past time by someone. Being a second option or back up plan is as hurtful as rubbing salt into your wound while pounding it with a mallet. I hope that's his thought process too.

I'm taking chances on this site because I'm praying to be found by a kindred spirit who desires to honor God and make Him the center and foundation of our relationship that hopefully would lead to marriage. I believe that when a man fears and loves the Lord, his moral compass is on point. I know it's a long shot, but who knows... I am honest with my intention as to why I'm here, so I hope to be respected by other people who don't share my faith. Here's to hoping that I could live up to 70 years or more so I could prove to him that not all women are the same, that not all women are gold diggers/users/freeloaders and superficial. I may not be one of the prettiest, sexiest, smartest and richest girls out there that a guy could meet, but I know for a fact that I'm way different than them, and that my intentions are noble (modesty aside).

Men with pretty faces and nice bodies are almost everywhere, but those with great character are hard to find...
First Date
I hope to meet someone who considers himself a keeper and serious/sincere with his intentions. My idea of something "fun" isn't related to debauchery, so I hope he's on the same page. While my goal is to meet someone with a great potential, I honestly believe that it's important to become friends first. If nothing blossomed out of that friendship, well, it's still a win-win situation for us since we've gotten the chance to know each other thru this medium. :) I'd like to stress that I'm here to connect with someone who's also hoping to find his lifetime partner. I know it sounds serious, but I'm here for all the right reasons.
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