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guitar, songwriting, gym, weightlifting, rock music, poetry, theology, fashion
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Hey there. I'm on here looking to meet a cool, handsome guy, of course! Lol. Ideally I'd like to meet someone nearby, I mean, who wouldn't?? but if you really feel we might get along especially well but you live far away don't think you can't still message me! I'm a lifelong Christian and I'm on the conservative, high-church, sacramental side of things. I am passionate and emotional with a great love for artistic beauty. I am a musician as a serious hobby and I write music in a bluesy, grungy, slightly gothic type of style. (If you like grunge and goth rock, that's a huge plus! Haha.) When I'm not doing music I'm at the gym. I love to work out and eat healthy. I enjoy weightlifing, though I'm a bit on the thin side naturally. I read my Bible daily and I'm working on getting better at praying and building a closer connection with God so that I can hear His voice more clearly. I plan to follow Him in all ways as well as I can...and hopefully He will have a man for me to spend my life with at the end of it all. I am a virgin and I would ideally like to find someone who is a virgin as well...that would honestly be a dream come true and I know it'd definitely be a rare find. For now, I'm just looking to meet people and see what you guys are like since I really don't know what God's plans are for me.

A few extra things about me that may be important:
1. I am culturally urban. I like to live in the city and do city things...not outdoorsy at all, though I do love nature and animals just the same. ...but if you're into things like camping and hunting...I'm not your girl haha. I love the noise and lights of the city and I don't care if I always have an apartment and never even ever live in a house (though a house CAN be cool too, it's just not a big priority for me).
2. I'm very used to being around people of different cultures and's always been the norm for me and a decent amount of my friends have always been from other countries, especially Asia.
3. If I meet someone on here long-distance I do not plan to relocate because though I do not necessarily wish to stay in Minnesota for all of my life I do believe it is the man's place to move. If he wants me enough...he'll move...and if he doesn't...he won't. Maybe this sounds a bit stubborn, but it's more based upon my beliefs that the man should pursue the woman.

LASTLY... I don't really know why I made this profile. I am definitely willing to take people on this site seriously but not necessarily counting on anything happening. I chose to be myself and to be vulnerable because I think it's the right thing to do and also because I don't care what anyone thinks anymore. That all said, I'm really just a sensitive and hopeless romantic inside so please don't talk to me unless you have real, good, serious, and honest intentions. Thank you.
First Date
On a first 'date' I'd like to get coffee...I do enjoy coffee shops. Coffee shops are very relaxing and low pressure so it's a good place to meet for the first time when it's not technically even a date yet. As far as an actual date?? Well, I'd love to get food and I'd love to walk around the city a bit. I like simple and old-fashioned dating stuff at the beginning. :)
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