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I do not believe that people complete each other.  Our completion and perfection comes through Jesus. 

However, I do believe that He did create man with a need for a helpmate; a need that man did not even realize he had.
Genesis 2:18 The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” This was God’s idea and revelation to us.  And when done His way, it is a beautiful thing.

I am not expecting perfection from another person.  I am not a perfect person myself. 

I am praying about finding a Godly woman and I do not take it lightly and try my best to be discerning. 

It would be great to share this life with a Godly woman. I am looking for a suitable helper in the journey of life. Someone whose heart’s desire is to be more like Jesus Christ. Someone that sees the importance of Christian Disciplines (prayer, worship, reading the Bible often, repentance, fruits of the spirit, working on sanctification). Someone who’s loves Jesus with their whole heart and can help me love Him more. A flexible giver.

Things I value and am looking for:
- Someone polite and well mannered. 
- Someone accommodating. 
- Someone in touch with their feelings and able to share them. 
- Someone considerate and good at reassurance. 
- Someone with similar interests and hobbies.
- Loyalty.
- Forgiveness.
- A desire not to give up when things are difficult.
- A love for the Lord and His work.
- The desire to partner in a Godly family and building defenses to defend that Christian family nucleus .

I also pray if He would provide “someone” that together “we” would be a “success” in His eyes.  That the sum of our lives intertwined would bring Him greater glory and joy than either of us would by ourselves.  I pray that our pairing would accomplish a greater worth than we are capable of alone.  I want to run the race set before us - together, with endurance, keeping pace with one another, and breaking the tape strong at the end.  I am convinced that this is the type of prayer He desires and what gets His attention.  His ways are so much higher than ours.

Thanks for your time. May God bless you on your search.
First Date
Coffee and talking, with hopefully some laughs and positive non-verbal cues...
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