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Thought provoking conversations, walks in the rain, Hikes (from simple to challenging), dark chocolate with sea salt, love ice cream but really try not to eat it anymore, love all animals but especially dogs. tennis, ping-pong, or any sports or games
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I am kind, honest, intelligent, and funny. Having British blood I've got the sarcastic dry wit, but being Canadian I put a nice twist on it. So Basil Fawlty meets Michael J. Foxx. I am very loving and affectionate, passionate, compassionate, and perhaps a little sensitive. I naturally enjoy giving of myself to help others whenever I can. I believe that honesty, integrity, and COMMUNICATION are very important for a successful relationship, after of course centering that relationship around Christ.

I'm fairly easy going and just enjoy being with the one I love regardless of what it is. I have found my likes/dislikes have changed over the last 10 years. For 20 years I operated a small business and wore a shirt and tie most of the time, but for the last 6 years I have been volunteering on farms learning how to grow food, working with animals, and building an earthship (its been quite an adventure), all with the intended purpose of building an off-grid ecovillage. I use to love big cities having lived in Toronto, Los Angeles, and Vancouver, but now love rural living and the more rural the better. I use to eat processed and fast foods, but now focus on eating healthy. I use to listen to mostly 80's and some 70's music, but now really love listening to Christian music (love Mercy Me, Zack Willians, Toby Mac, and that new song Be Alright by Evan Craft & Danny Gokey), I use to be all about name brands and in a way pretending to be something else but now love living a 'minimalist' lifestyle and just like to be who I am which feels so freeing, I use to love malls and shopping and watching TV and sports, but now strongly dislike all those things and prefer spending my time doing more important things like researching sustainable living, spending time with my kids and friends, and most importantly learning more about the Lord.

I FINALLY found Jesus 2+ years ago (he is VERY patient - and oh boy, what an experience) and my life hasn't been the same since. I'm not suggesting its been all 'rainbows and butterflies', but knowing Him has changed my perspective on everything and it has just amazed me how he keeps revealing Himself to me and guiding me. He has shown me some amazing things, and I think that I am being pushed to focus on spreading His word. I do not like public speaking and am intimidated about talking to people about such a personal and what can sometimes be an 'explosive' issue, but I feel as if a fire has been lit inside me and I need to share what I know with as many as I can. I know 'all things are possible through Him', so I am excited to see what lies ahead.

I am not looking to rush into anything nor am I looking for any 'casual connections'. It seems to me that we've all gone through some kind of experience and ended up on a site like this. I would be happy to connect with other Christians that are being drawn to the Lord, and discuss our journeys or world events or of course Jesus. I love to be in love and have someone to focus my attention on; however, I don't want to go 'hunting' for that. I feel that God will direct things as they are meant to be. So I have no expectations and prefer that anyone I correspond with feel the same.

I have changed my status back to Separated from Divorce. I had expected things to progress by now, but unforeseen circumstances have delayed the process. For those that it is important to, in God's eyes I am permitted to divorce for the one reason that the Bible says. After leaving me and the kids, I found out that my wife had been having an affair for a few years. We have passed the year of separation; however, there have been some 'complications' surrounding the custody of my daughter. For my daughters safety and benefit I am waiting for a couple of issues to be resolved before signing and processing the necessary papers. I would like to explain more, but I don't think it appropriate to do that in a profile like this.
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I like the idea of walking by the water somewhere, maybe stop for a snack/beverage.
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