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First i love my savior. Camping, bbq, out door stuff like boating or swimming or walking, reading, movies, audio books.
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I am 46. I am too old for games. If you are young enough to not remember a time before cell phones and the internet, or never heard of the dewy decibel system then I am sorry. I dont want to be with a girl that i am old enought to be her father. I want a peaceful, level headed, mature, mutually respectful, communicative, and calm relationship. I will respect who you are, please respect me and let me be who I am.

I loved being married and I pray to God every day that I can be again. I don't want to date around or spend the next several months or years texting. What I mean is I dont want to waste my time with someone who is not serious about the long term. I miss that special bond I had with that one special person. I miss that comfort of knowing she is there for me always, no matter what. And I miss having someone who will partner with me, compliment my weakness and let me be strong in her weakness. I miss being HER man. I am looking for the last woman on earth for me, my missing rib. Like you I don't want to waste my time, I just want to get there and be a husband.

All you women say you want a kind, loving, committed, gentle man of God who will love you for who you are. Here is one, but you don't see me because I am not ripped Like John Cena. I have a six pack I just like to keep it in a cooler.🤣

All you ladys say you want a man that will treat you with respect, honor you, support you and cherish you. Here I am but you don't see me because I don't look like Ryan Reynolds or that guy who plays Thor. I used too, but they needed the looks more than me. I am not in the movies🤣.

Seriously, how do you know what my character is like if you don't talk to me?

I made a promise to my son that just because his mother and I are are no longer married, that his relationship with her will not suffer. I WILL NOT break that promise and take him away from her. So I can not relocate.

I don't believe in the perfect woman, but I believe in finding the women who's imperfections I can come to love. I am looking for my missing rib.

Well thanks for reading this and getting all the way through it.

God bless.

P.S. I am unable to have anymore children. It is not that i dont want more, I love kids and would accept yours with as much love as i give my own, but i physically cant have anymore. Just something to keep in mind

P.s.s Scammers. You all sound the same and work out of the same playbook. I can spot you a mile away.
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Maybe taking a walk so we could talk.
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