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Hello!! Or Heya the way I say it sometimes. My Name is Chatlin or Like a lot of people who know me call me Chatty which seems to be Cuter maybe haha. Iam 33 years, I have 2 of the sweetest girls ever whom I really love. We have been through a lot of stuff over the last while so to start off explaining much more about myself I strongly believe in integrity and being Genuine when someone explains them self. So here it goes;
Iam a very rich guy who has a lot to give and wants to share my wealth with you I have a corvette, a big mansion. Just kidding haha. These are types of Explanations you will not get from me because like I said I believe In Integrity and being honest. So what I say you can trust. So here it is straight forward;
So First off being Honest I did Google information on how to write one of these personal descriptive profiles as Iam new to this haha. Like I said before I have 2 great girls who mean everything to me, one is 2 and the other is 5. I have many interests which include the following; Firstly Iam Strongly dedicated to God and have always been growing up in a Christian Family Home. Deep down inside I have a strong calling to make a difference and movement for God which I am not sure what it is yet but I know in my heart it’s very important and something I must do especially in this messed up world we live in. So that’s first most and I will be honoured to meet someone who will want to be part of this with me. That’s my first most deepest passion is this. Maybe we can figure this out together who knows haha. Secondly, Iam a guy who has a very soft heart and gets hurt easily so I mean well with everything I do even though sometimes it may not seem this way haha. Yes I do cry a bit, Iam not some guy who claims to be A super macho guy who holds his feelings in trying to impress his buddies. I believe in Trying to get along with everyone so I strongly believe in reconciliation even if it may hurt going through the processes as I have personally experienced as many of you may have as well. Like I had said Iam not some guy trying to impress you, just trying to be very honest. So that being I can also be very Bold and straightforward when needed in certain ways so I mean the best of every situation. Iam a repairer and a someone who likes to fix and resolve everything I come across broken and falling apart trying to come up with conclusions to many things which is Maybe why I am a Plumber in which I did not mention yet. It goes well with my true character so I love to help others repair a lot of things in their homes etc. Iam also a perfectionist so that being and being Honest here I can sometimes get upset with myself when I do something wrong. Now to elaborate on other things; and yes you may tell I love to chat and talk which makes me a half girl/Guy haha Just Kidding. Seriously though I do love to talk haha so if you need someone who will talk with you and yes I do also listen haha Iam here to do that. I tell me close friends and family my phone never shuts off unless it’s dying which it rarely does because I carry chargers with me everywhere I go just in case someone needs my help haha. So in concluding here is much more information about me lol;
I love to keep pride in everything i do whether it be cleaning, cooking building things which i love to do especially in Summer when it’s warmer out haha, I live in Cold Saskatchewan Canada, who loves to not relax and be a tiny bit lazy watching tv shows etc whatnot in our Cold winters lol. So elaborating on that thought we all have Love Languages which you all are aware of and if your not aware google it and find out which ones you are haha, there are 5 of them haha. My top 3 are Quality Time Spent together, whether it be sharing chats, or simply watching a movie together. My second one is Physical Touch, and no it’s not because Iam a guy lol. Iam one of those guys who likes to hold hands walking down the aisle at Walmart shopping for Your latest cosmetic obsession, compulsive buy haha. I will likely be shy about it but it’s part of my Quality time spent. So they both go hand in hand like us Holding hands? Haha lol. Just kidding. Thirdly my third in line of these 5 love languages are Words of Affirmation. I love this one because it build both of us up Because I like to reciprocate the gesture and no it’s not because I am a guy trying to “earn” points lol. I try to be as kind as I can to everyone even though I may not like that person because as Christians that’s who we are suppose to be.
So once again before I head out, your probably wondering he does talk a lot lol haha. Hence this is maybe why God told my Parents to name me Chatlin or why my friends call me Chatty haha. Who knows. I love to travel, who doesn’t. And yes I love to shop whether it’s when I am on holidays or anywhere haha. Iam a guy who loves to purchase something for someone before I buy for myself. I plan on going to many other countries which I have just started to do this past year. Hawaii is my next year holiday. Not sure what it is this year fall haha. Any suggestions ? In the cold winters I love to watch tv/Movies, who doesn’t though. I love to snowboard when it’s warmer out. Summer time I do a lot of random hobbies and things being warmer out lol. My parents own the zoo where i live so I love animals and we have a lot of random ones so if your interested in being brave we have many exotic animals you can pet haha. Ask away you will be surprised haha. I love to build a lot of random things construction wise. I build a lot of random things out of wood. I love to Golf in the summer especially with my Brothers. I am a scuba diver as well so that’s one of my things I do in the summer and on holidays. Diving with fish and the underwater life is amazing. So if your brave to try it, tag along lol. I am attracted to Cute girls rather than every guys fantasy of oh “she’s hot” lol. I love to laugh as you can tell and watch really funny movies. I love music and I listen to a lot of random music depending on the day lol. I am a genius on guitar and play a lot of random instruments, Just Kidding I cannot play an instrument but I can definitely sing and love to sing lol. Like the song Goes while my Guitar gently wheeps, well I do own one and it sits in the corner covered with dust lol. I do wanna learn one day though so I can sing you many love songs lol haha. Kidding. But if I did learn which I want to it will be to learn to play more Songs for worship. Of course I will play you a love song I didn’t leave you out haha. That is when I learn. But anyways to conclude all this random charade of paragraphs, sentences mixed up in this blender of a Brain of mine I would love to learn more about you as well lol. Iam very shy. So feel free to message etc for more information, your wondering wow he has more lol does he stop and breathe lol. I did say I believe in integrity, honesty and being genuine so that was me and I will only give you that. I have been hurt a lot over these last few years but I do strongly believe in reconciliation even when it hurts to do so. That’s me though. Thanks for taking time to read my short book about me lol. God bless you.
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