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I am a saved person by great love of Jesus Christ.
God Bless You

Male | 35
United Kingdom
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Middle Eastern
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Angelican Evangelical Church
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1 or 2 on occasion
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Possibly, who knows
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4 Yr College Degree
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reading bible and think about it, to pray and also to go to church.

Also reading about Marketing, Trading, History, philosophy, theology.

I also sometimes going to city center and distribute Gospel to peoples, Holy Spirit recently guided me to set up a
About Me
Hello to everyone,

Jesus is my saviour and my Lord
I am a saved person by the great love of Jesus Christ.
I living in the UK.

I believe God have a plan for us, I think he wanted us to maximise our willingness of contributions with him in his universal kingdom.

I like the hymn Called "I heard the voice of Jesus say"

in the Old Testament, I like the book of Daniel which shows me nothing is permanent except the kingdom of God.
in the new Testament, every single page has something for me.

I have had my ups and downs and my problems and all of these helped me to recognize that this world is a temporary place and everything from money to your profession to your youthfulness to your beauty is going to change during the time, book of Daniel and rest of Holy Book is a good source to read and understand that the only thing which is always there is God and his empire and fortunately we could be part of that kingdom through Jesus Christ.

I have an engineering degree and also have a few more international management and operational certificates related to the maritime industry.
I also have completed some theology courses.

I also have been a mariner (Merchant Navy Deck Officer) on board the ocean-going ships for some years (and yes I have been in the middle of oceans and the middle of storms) but have made a risk and left that job due to some circumstances and as I wanted to pursue my other goals and now I am trying to establish my 2 clothing brands.

I like to know more about the truth behind the reality of life. I like to learn more about Philosophy, business law, IP law, Fashion and the English language.

I would be very appreciated if anyone can help me with the above subjects.

I am interested in History as well and I also have studied different theologies from Hinduism to Shintoism and others.

I pray in the name of Jesus that everything in your life will be in your best interests or as we were saying at see, I wish you Fair Winds and Following Seas.

*Very important, unfortunately, the ship in the picture is not my ship, I was an officer in that ship but the sunglasses was mine, I guess. ðŸĪŠðŸ˜œðŸ˜
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