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Literature, writing, hiking & camping, day trips, historical places, old houses, time with family
About Me
Whatever impression my photos make, there are those in my personal life who insist that I remind them of an aging, blue-eyed Sean Connery who has completely gone to seed...still others say more like a beta release of Bill Murray, harboring the undetected, delusional flaw that he was designed to be devilishly handsome. As neither comparison offers a particularly comforting salve to my ego, I hardly trumpet them...but present them here as a caution light for those who may be in search of a "Pretty Boy."

Whether 'Fabio' or 'Frankenstein'...I am playfully confident in being a fine figure of a man for the age of 63, and you can rest assured that I cut a dashing figure as I charge over the hill, tilting at pine trees in the finest Quixote-esque fashion, to do battle with the 'The Evil Forces of Senility.' Wearing only my lap quilt while armed with a tube of Ben-Gay (is that politically-correct?) and a box of jelly donuts from the day-old bread store, I rally my somewhat confused troops onward with the immortal battle-cry, "REMEMBER THE BUFFET AT LUBY'S!!!"

At the risk of getting dangerously in touch with my "feminine side"...I'm really just hoping to meet someone special to get to know at a comfortable, measured pace while we share mutual interests and hopefully discover new ones. I'm a firm believer in doing day-to-day things together because, frankly, the romantic stuff comes pretty easy to most folks...even guys. Special times are necessary and great...but the REAL challenge is to keep the romance going while doing the mundane. I'm not looking for a 'Beauty Queen'...but someone pretty who likes "gettin' out and doin' stuff" and enjoys crossing swords in playful repartee. God has graced me with the ability and dedication to stay physically fit throughout my adult years with minimal backsliding, and I'm looking for the same attitude in a partner...but NOT in a fanatical way. I take a hard, 5-mile hike (almost!) every day, pick up something heavy pretty often, and eat really healthily...except on weekends.

I would naturally think that any woman reading this would possess a compassionate heart for others, especially children, and a passionate heart for God. Beyond that, any more of a 'grocery list' would be both silly and presumptuous. I don't consider myself to be "a bag of chips and all that"...but more of a prodigal son whom God has mercifully reclaimed in Christ. Should we be fortunate enough to discover that we may, indeed, be "kindred spirits"...I think you just might be delighted to make the acquaintance of a man who truly believes those wonderfully-poetic words: "Women hold up half the sky."

P.S. No "winks" please...unless we happen to be passing each other on the sidewalk...
First Date
Silly Girl...we just HAD our first date! Thank you for the pleasure of your company. If your interest has truly been piqued, I would enjoy hearing from you; just send your thoughts in a message. Although I find them flattering to some degree, I don't respond to 'winks.'
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