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My name is Andy Rodriguez and I am Christian. In this day and age of oversensitive and infantilizing rhetorics and political correctness, I have purposed in my heart to gird up my loins and to quit myself like a man. I am tenderhearted and gentle, but I am a man. I strive to leave the childish things behind in order to continue to grow as a man. But I am, at the same time, honest and innocent like a child.

My being and my very existence revolve around Jesus Christ. I have chosen to continue steadfastly in the apostles' teachings and fellowship with the saints. That being said, I welcome any conversation as long as it is clean. I like to explore controversial topics and I am fascinated by the good side of research and academia. I enjoy much of the arts, cinema, and music. At the moment, it is my desire to make the habit of reading books and keeping myself intellectually active.

I want to work with my own two hands in order to provide for myself and my family, and also so that the gospel will not be blasphemed because of me. My heart is the heart of an evangelist. I obtained a BA in Latin American & Iberian Studies, but I am interested in returning to the university and pursuing two master degrees. One in Cybersecurity and another in Software Systems.

I am against the radical, postmodern, and progressive manifestation of politics that is spreading throughout all of academia and as a result leaking into society and mainstream culture. For the time being the sciences are relatively save, but how long will it be before Judith Butler, Jacques Derrida, Michael Foucault, Jacques Lacan, Theodor W. Adorno, Herbert Marcuse, Walter Benjamin make their "special" contribution?

The reason why I joined this page is not only to search for the Christian and spiritual woman that God has for me, but also to have the opportunity to meet others that are of the same mind. I do not mind a good friendship with people that do not share my faith, but I am fully persuaded that I can only open my heart to a Christian woman. Perhaps, God will give me the opportunity to make a few and meaningful friendships on this website. It would be great if we can exchange languages, ways of looking at the world, and teach each other about our cultures.

If my faith in Christ Jesus is not an offense to you, then we will get along quite well. I love those that are merciful, giving and compassionate towards others. I take great delight in a pure conversation, and in getting to know the other person's heart and feelings. I covet fellowship with the saints.

I know that I am a stranger on this earth. While I am in this body, I am only passing by in this world. I look forward to the things that are eternal and unseen, looking for the nation whose builder and maker is God. It is my desire, as long as it depends on me, to live at peace with all men. It does not matter if they are Christians or not.
First Date
If you care more about your appearance than your spiritual well being, you are putting flesh above that which is spiritual. We are not compatible. It is not very likely that a relationship between us will go too far.

As for me, I hate game and games. I have to tell you this from the beginning. It is possible that we might just end up being friends. I know very well the kind of woman that I am waiting for, and I am not willing to settle for anything less. I am waiting for a spiritual woman who has Christ hidden in her heart. A woman with whom I can reason and come to an agreement in regards to what is written in the Scriptures. I am waiting for the appearance of the godly woman that God has prepared for me since the foundation of the world. And when she finally is revealed, it is my desire that we do not only become one flesh, but one Spirit together with Christ.
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