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Jesus, my children, family, serving in church, attending small groups, fishing, camping, tennis, bowling, basketball, softball, volleyball, bike riding, reading & pretty much anything related to the water.
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I have toilet paper 😋 Hope everyone one is keeping safe.

Hi! I am a Christ-centered man who listens to Christian worship music daily, enjoys remaining active in his church by serving in various ministries & participating in small groups to help grow as a believer. I am searching for the woman that God has specially made just for me. I have tried the ways of this world for too long & have come up disappointed in my past relationships. I have always settled for less than godly women & suffered as a result. I am searching for a true woman of God who is interested in fulfilling their Biblical role as a wife in a Christian marriage. I am ready to to fulfill my role as a husband at the head of a Christian home. I want to be able to get on my knees with my wife at my side holding hands while we pray to God together for one another, for our family & for His guidance in whatever comes our way. I want to attend church together & serve together in our church...possibly even leading a small group together in the future. I was blessed with a servant's heart & would love to find a wife who has the same interests there.

I am a divorced single father to three beautiful children (13, 12 & 5). My ex-wife & I share custody of our children, but I am designated as the primary custodial parent. It will be a tough journey moving forward for the four of us, but I know God will be there for us as long as we stick close to Him. Due to the details of the divorce, I am restricted to basically living in the Houston area unless I am willing to give up my kids or my ex-wife agrees to a move outside of Houston.

Unlike what the majority of the people in this world are like these days, I want to not only profess my belief in God...but also fully intend to honor Him in every way in my life going forward. I don't believe in dating, just for the sake of dating. My intent is to find the woman who will be my wife & be committed to a lifetime of honoring God together. I plan to do things the right way this time around & fully intend to wait until marriage before I become intimate with anyone again. I hope my future wife is doing the same for me. You can rest assured that I will honor & protect your purity while we are together. I am hoping to find a woman who treats her body as a covenant door & not a door knob. I am looking forward to enjoying dating & courting someone I intend to marry. I am currently reading a few books & reading various articles about the proper way to court a Christian woman. I am more than happy to meet with your pastor & parents to get their approval as well. To give you a little more insight into me, I've spent the last 24 years in serious relationships (including marriage) to just two women. I was separated since August of 2018 (last time I was physically intimate with her) & have been divorced since March 2019. I am not afraid of commitment with the right partner.

I hope to find someone that loves children. My children did not have the benefit of having a nurturing mother in their life. I am hopeful that the woman God has in store for me will not only be an amazing wife but also a caring mother to my children as well. I want someone who knows what they want. Someone who is mature enough in their life to be past the need to run around in the night clubs & instead wants a steady, nurturing home environment where we can provide my/our children with a loving environment where God is the center of our world. I need a woman who is Kingdom minded...and not enamored by the things of this world.

I am open to the prospect of having more children (whether you bring in your own or we have them together). I am open to the desires of my wife & to whatever blessings God has for us. Outside of church, my children are my world right now. I spend time with them daily whether reading together, watching a family movie together or simply playing around outside or at a local park. I need to find a woman who will embrace her role as a mother figure to my children as well.

I am a caring, loving, affectionate, sweet & loyal person as a partner. I am fairly reserved at first, but once I am comfortable I can be an open book. I believe in full transparency between partners. It's hard to be truly be one with your spouse like God intended if you aren't ready to drop all your walls between one another. I promise to cherish, protect & love you in the way God intended...sacrificially. Personality type - INFJ.

My love language is physical touch & quality time. I enjoy physical affection (i.e., kisses, hugs, holding hands, etc.). I am a hopeless romantic at heart. I enjoy reading books, watching videos & attending conferences on learning to become better spouses, parents & Christians. I enjoy spending time with my partner whether that entail a deep conversation, cuddled up on the couch watching a movie together or playing games together. If I am out doing something, I want you by my side...and I would hope that you would feel the same as well. I also enjoy expressing myself through letters to the one I love.

I need someone who I can continue to grow in my faith with, be someone who I can count on as life throws its curves at us, who wants to grow as a married couple & who can become a role model & mother to my children. I'd love to find someone that I can go to Bible studies with & discuss our faith together on a daily basis...helping not only one another grow in faith...but also sharing that with my/our children.

I need someone who understands that marriage takes work. Someone who will be willing to put in the time & effort to continuously work on our marriage together so it can be something that God intended & we can both flourish under. Too often in the busyness of life people tend to neglect their partners or put their time & energy into things that take away from their marriage. I don't want that.

Like we all are, I am a work in progress. I certainly am not perfect. What I can tell you is that I am a humble man who is not afraid to face his faults & work on becoming a better man, husband, father & Christian on a daily basis. I certainly don't expect you to be perfect either. I want to be there for you, to pick you up when you fall, to help you become all that God intended you to be & to just love and cherish you for all the days of our life.

I realize that in some respects...I am a needle in a haystack...and based on my interactions so far...I'm looking for another needle in a haystack... :) I have no plans to settle for anything less than God's best for me & my children...and for that I am willing to wait. I will use my time before God brings her into my life to prepare myself to be the best husband for her & father for my/our children. In the end...I know she will be worth the wait.

Psalm 27:14 New International Version (NIV)
14 Wait for the Lord;
be strong and take heart
and wait for the Lord.
First Date
I always prefer an environment that will allow the both of us to be comfortable & take our time to get to know one another. There is always time to do more exciting dates if we decide to pursue one another thereafter. Either conversation over some coffee & dessert or a nice meal. Somewhere that gives us a chance to speak with one another in a low key comfortable environment. If things seem to be going well, maybe holding hands for a walk through a park or some other public area while we continue our chat.
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