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A True and Faithful Woman Of Her Word is not easy to come by these days. It's all about the $$ and getting as much out of you as they can.
So, with that being said, here it goes!

I am Spirit-filled according to Acts chptr. 2, I am involved as a bible teacher in Houston and I do flow in the Holy Ghost. I am down to earth, calm, self confident, laid back; I am a man of my word and I don't like to be rudely interrupted when I am speaking to people. Using the proper mannerisms is more respectful. I am not a demanding person.

I've been trusting the Lord for a Christian woman who loves the Lord, whose Heart is Right, Pure, a woman of Faith, a woman of Prayer, and a woman who has a heart for things of God. To love her as Christ loved the church and demonstrate the love of Christ, so that I may be a blessing to her and giving God all the honor and the glory for the blessing that I received from Him. God did not make woman for man to run all over her, and abuse her, but for her to be at my right side, after all that was the side that was taken from me to make woman.

I like jokes and laughter a plus, a good sense of humor; I am not into sports as I used to be some years back; I am a soul winner, leading people to Jesus out on the streets or when the opportunity arises to win people over to Christ; During my alone time, I spend a good amount of time in prayer, reading books, researching biblical material, and bible study according II Tim. 2: v15; Otherwise I cannot be effective in my ministry.
Spending time with family is very important, therefore I have to balance family time and my alone time.

I am loyal, honest, faithful, and understanding; and would help those in need as much as I could and don't take advantage of me; would like to build a foundation of trust in a relationship, (Please, No Scammers, No Drama, and No BS) I also believe in a constant work ethic as a team, doing things together and sharing our thoughts together for ideas to make something work, keeping the lines of communication open, and most importantly, praying together; Jesus must be the center of our relationship because a 3 stranded braid cannot be broken.

Also, if you are looking for the perfect man, you will never find one anywhere in this world, because no man is perfect; If you are looking for a sugar daddy or a green card, I'm sorry, I can't help you there either. If you are looking for your knight and shining armor, the only armor I have is the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God.
I am a person of Faith, I put my faith and trust in God and believe him for whatever I have need of. And I surely will not compromise with what the world has to offer. I hope this doesn't sound too hard!
I like to get away and go to the beach, this is really a time of relaxation.
For me to list the things that I like and dislike will take up most of this page, so why not message me, then I may be able to tell you more. Perhaps you may be the one that has my other rib. "Hee Hee" - Remember, I can't send you a message if you don't meet the age criteria. You will have to enter "ANY AGE" if you want me to respond.
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