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Need to find a new one since I just relocated
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Southern Baptist
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1 or 2 on occasion
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Possibly, who knows
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Yes but they're grown
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Does Not Want Children
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2 Yr College Degree
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Retired paralegal
Reading, old movies, crafts, museums, travel, occasional cruises, swimming, bowling, dancing, fishing, camping, music (especially country & christian).
About Me
Was born & raised in Northern Minnesota, mostly living on a farm. Guess it’s true that you can take a girl off the farm but you can’t take the farm out of a girl because I still love growing veggies, tho on a much smaller scale in some clever grow boxes. My father was an avid sportsman and helped give me my own lifetime love of the outdoors. Also taught me how to bait my own hooks from about the age of 3 or 4. Still enjoy fishing and would like to find a compatible fishing buddy, perhaps eventually something more if we hit it off well. I have been a widow for quite awhile now after being blessed with having had a wonderful marriage for many years, just not enough time as I lost him to cancer. I have lived in several different states: a combined total of 20 in Minn., 2 yrs in central Wash., 6 yrs in Utah between Salt Lake City & Ogden, 3 yrs on the island of Guam during my hubby’s Navy Seabee yrs, 45 yrs in Fairbanks, Alaska, then the past 3 yrs in MT to be closer to family. Now here I am back in Florida again. I say again because I never expected to be here again. My mother moved our family to Fl after my dad died, the summer I turned 16. Finished my high school yrs in Kissimmee & Apopka, then left for 2 yrs of college in Atlanta, GA. Got my first drivers license in Kissimmee and now most likely will get my last one in central Fla after I get settled somewhere. Staying with a granddaughter in Clermont for awhile. Just goes to show that no matter what plans we make, God may have another road He wants us to follow. I do know He has always been with me on every road I’ve been on, so I’m not worrying about tomorrow because He is already there waiting for me. I am comfortable with myself just the way I am, and wake up each morning happy to still be alive and kicking (tho not as high anymore - LOL). I try to look at each new day as a challenge and continue to stay active and live life to the fullest. Being a Christian, and in my supposedly golden years, I realize that the good Lord must still have a purpose for me or I would already be with Him and not here on this earth. I do miss having someone in my life who is loving and compatible to share activities with, especially travelling, as I have a really nice 35ft 5th wheel trailer that is pretty much ready to go anywhere. Just not as much fun doing things alone. I am still very healthy, do take an Alleve occasionally before I go bowling or square dancing as I have a touch of arthritis in various places that decides to let me know its there every once and awhile. Have never taken any Rx drugs other than an occasional antibiotic. I believe in natural remedies as much as possible. Gotta have my coffee and/or chai tea. Also love being back where I can order good old “southern sweet tea” anywhere. When you are travelling and pass that invisible Mason-Dixon Tea Line, don’t ask for sweet tea or you are looked at as some sort of nut case and pointed towards the sugar pkts or sugar bowl. Sorry — Just not the same!! I don’t drink alcohol other than an occasional glass of wine. Am a good cook, just hard trying to cook for one. Steak and sea foods are my favorite meats. Like nearly all foods except brussel sprouts, collard greens, feta cheese and tofu. I am a very honest and open person, NEVER a game player, and an extremely loyal friend & partner. I am an Ultra Conservative when it comes to politics. Will discuss them reasonably but will NOT argue. Each person has the right to feel and believe any way they want. However, if you are a dyed in the wool Liberal, don’t bother to contact me. I’m not being mean but I just know we would never get along on a day to day basis. Have seen this political mis-match too many times in my own family. Am a good conversationalist but have said more than enough about myself so will sign off. Now it’s your turn if you are interested. I dont use the internet daily. No computer, only have an iPad. But if you contact me I will answer.
First Date
Somewhere casual and comfortable where we could enjoy interesting conversation over a cup of coffee or tea (maybe lunch?). A chance to see if we “click” with each other.
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