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About Me
Alo, and welcome to my profile! I'm Anthony, a.k.a. Tony or "Rigatoni" - yep, I have a nickname based on Italian pasta.

A little about me: I'm an introverted, intellectual type of guy, with an INTJ personality ( I'm also a perfectionist, both left and right-brained and am basically a walking paradox. In addition, I also enjoy working out, both inline and ice skating, bike riding and being outdoors in nature (which I find is a great resource for creativity and inspiration). =) I'm usually quiet and reserved at first, but quickly open up around others I feel comfortable with. I don't claim to be perfect, but I do have strong morals. I also don't really drink, except for wine off and on and during formal dinners.

I have a great sense of humor, enjoy making others laugh (even if at my own expense) and can also be quite random / spontaneous at times - you've been warned! I'm basically my own melting pot (consisting of 7 different ethnicities, but mainly Italian and Castilian Spanish), and am a lot of fun to be around. Last but certainly not least, you will find that I'm a gentleman; very polite and respectful (especially towards a sister in Christ), compassionate, dedicated, and - towards a special someone God brings into my life - incredibly romantic as well.

Regarding my interests: I'm exceptionally passionate, ambitious and curious about the world around me, and have a whole array of unique hobbies. I also am very dedicated to projects I work on, am constantly seeking to improve in some way and enjoy challenges / pursuing new things. I'm proficient (self-taught) in computer scripting, procedural generation, pseudo-randomness, complex data structures and client-server communication. Currently pursuing a career in game design & development (short term) and architecture (long term). In my free time, I enjoy researching, enjoying peace and quite outside, writing, casual gaming, and watching movies / listening to music.

Over the years, I've taught myself about both coherent and incoherent noise and computer algorithms, and the advantages of both in game development (as well as in other fields). I also enjoy architecture (having designed buildings in my college studio classes and helped with real-life projects), music (singing, songwriting and electric / acoustic guitar), sport shooting, and much much more. I even have some experience with robotics and micro-circuits, although haven't had much time to further pursue this interest lately.

In terms of my faith: I've been born-again for about 9 years now, and identify as a non-denominational Christian. I hold the Bible as the absolute authority for truth, and seek the Lord in prayer in a daily basis. I enjoy learning about Bible prophecy, and keeping up to date with current world events as they pertain to eschatology. Also have experience with apologetics and defending the Bible / my faith, as well as with logic, fallacious reasoning and philosophy.

Who I'm looking for: I joined CDFF in hopes of finding close friends with fellow believers, as well as a long-term relationship that in time leads to a Christ-centered marriage. I prefer getting to know someone as friends initially, as it establishes a strong foundation for something more later on (depending on if there's attraction and on God's leading). A building with an unstable foundation can't stand, and neither can a lasting relationship / marriage. I'm looking for someone who shares similar interests, also fears God, seeks to live according to His will and scripture, and has an honest relationship with her savior Yeshua.

I'm also looking for someone who is a fellow intellectual, who has strong morals and will honor me as the spiritual leader of a household one day (which God has been preparing me for), is dedicated, respectful, compassionate, very affectionate / romantic, humble, good at communication, and is loyal. I find creativity, intelligence, long curly hair, a great smile, humor, passion, aggressiveness (in terms of affection), and playfulness / an exciting personality very attractive. I will love, honor and respect the future companion God has for me to the best of my ability.

But enough about me, tell me about yourself. =) If interesting in chatting, and are open to friendship or possibly something more, feel free to send me a message. Kol Tuv!
First Date
B.A.S.E. jumping, that's romantic right?
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