Looking for sweet woman…that I can Love, cherish and protect.. Semper Fi… Marines

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Although I was in the Marine Corps and was wounded in Vietnam..... I have a very gentle spirit....I believe in living a simple life...I so much believe in Loyalty and faithfulness ..And I’m looking for a sweet woman that has similar beliefs… I know the Bible calls that a proverbs 31 woman ... My faith even though it is not perfect by any means.. it is the core of my life and not just a Sunday morning thing... I am conservative by nature and pro-life … My heart is for the unborn... and their right to life.. I am a believer in God family and country and that is why I was willing to die for my country…. When I’m with someone I’m comfortable with and I can just be myself I Can be goofy and have fun. I try to truly be considerate of other peoples feelings… And I hurt ..when they hurt.. please also know that age difference isn’t a real big thing for me… So if you’re interested in me matter where you’re at in life.. get a hold of me even if I haven’t gotten a hold of you… That being said ..I am looking for a sweet woman share of the rest of my life with and I promise I will cherish you and love you faithfully forever...
looking forward to hearing from you . PS I’m interested In a relationship that will lead to marriage.. and my pictures are about 10 months old… I believe in True love and faithfulness....FOREVER… by the way in my heading I use the words... Semper Fi… It is the Marine Corps motto… it is Latin… It means.. ALWAYS FAITHFUL... not like what the world says today...this will be an old fashioned forever faithful in love for a lifetime ...If you find me… and if you are a sweet woman will be blessed in how sweet... tender.. and faithful…I will love you!!! PSS… If you wanna know my heart… Listen to...DIMASH... I have just found this artist recently… I believe he’s the best singer in the world… Listen to these three songs… Love of tired swans...Unforgettable day… SOS…If you listen to these songs you will know me !!!! And you will know my heart… write me and tell me what you think about these songs..That is the kind of love I’m looking for with a very sweet woman… Tears come to my eyes … Every time I listen to his music… Knowing that’s the kind of Love that I’m looking for.... after all these years... One final thing… Our family went through a long-term illness… Please don’t get a hold of me thinking that I am well to do… Because I am not… because of the long-term illness my wife had… I want you to know the truth before you get a hold of me.. in A world where wealth and Love of money... seem to be the only thing…I hope that you’re looking for the REAL THING.... True love....honesty and faithfulness.... hard to find these days!!!..... If you’re interested in me please write me... I’ve laid my heart out I think you know me already… Just like you… I’m tired of being alone… But I know what I’m looking for… and I know who I am… and I won’t settle for second-best… Because it in my heart I have a lot Of love… I want to give.... Only to the right woman!!! God bless you
First Date
I have not dated for many years as I was raising my children alone… i’ve waited 15 years for this first date with you… So I am easy going in that regard… You tell me what you would like to do...and I would probably do it .Getting to know the person that you might fall in love with… That will be a special first date.
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