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God, Birds, (especially all my Hummingbirds I attract!) Dogs, War game Miniature Painting, Board Games, Video Games, Working in my country yard, playing my Banjo, Country Rides
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Hello there, I hope you are having a great day, thank you for reading my profile!
I would like to have a friend first, I go very slow, and just would like to talk if it seems like we could be a possible match someday.

I am Looking for a true woman of God, who desires him and his will, and not the world and her will. We are called to be separate from the world, and not of it. These days I see very little difference between the Christian and the unbeliever. I just want to be with someone who loves Jesus like I do. I know I would not have made it this far without his mighty hand. I need him every hour.

I would love someone who is Christ-like in that her yoke is easy and her burden is light, as that is what I desire and pray to bring to a relationship. Constant nagging, fighting, mind games, control, hyper emotional, and those things are so poisonous that will destroy relationships. While devoted to each other we also need our own time and freedom.

Peace, gentleness, love, and support work much better I think. Can't we just be best friends, be merciful, and love like there is no tomorrow? Sure sounds nice to me! We are only on earth for a little while, the years fly by, love is so hard to find, almost impossible it seems, esp at our age when we get so set in our own ways... can't we hold each other in the madness of world and share amazing love and closeness?

Please don't think, that I think, that I am Mr. Perfect in those areas, and am expecting the same perfection in return. Oh God in heaven no! But I really try to live like that. Just with what I see other people go through, in their relationships, they don't seem happy and I often see why...

I would like someone tender, caring, passionate, loving, and I hope she would enjoy the same in return. I am so far from perfect, ugh! My righteousness is as filthy rags, thus sayeth the Lord. I could never brag on myself, only in what Jesus was done for me!

But the Lord knows my heart, and I think there is a special lady out there.. one in a million, who would be a match for me. I am praying fervently for you to show up. I would really like to meet you after all this time!

People say I am very funny, and I would really like to make you laugh. I would like to rejoice in God's word with you, and try and make you happy the best that I can. But true happiness comes from God. I can't give what he can. And you can't give me what he can. People also say they feel safe and secure around me. I'm not sure why, I just hear that often.

I want to be your best friend, a gentleman, and love you like the Bible commands me to, "As Christ loves the Church" what did Christ do for his Church? He gave his all.. I may not be able to provide the temporary lusts of this world, of exotic food, exotic travel and adventure, big money items, etc... but It would be my honor to provide the heavenly things like Love and faithfulness. Loving someone long term/for life, is a choice, most seem to choose not to these days. Loving what we can acquire from someone is easy though ;)

I have been disabled with Vertigo (dizzyness, accompanying fatigue) for 15 years. I dont live a life of "Travel and Adventure" the two key words in way to many online profiles! I prefer my home.. Home is where the heart is, or Home on the Range.. or something... hah! I do what I can, day by day with a tough thing to deal with, and just remain hopeful God will heal me.

I love dogs more than I can say, and in December 2020 I got two Doxie pups. A brother and sister.
I named the boy Pippen and the girl Juliette. They are amazing, hilarious and so so full of life.
(in my profile pics they are in two of them as we snuggled on the couch)

Im very much a country guy, compared to the big city. I love the peace and quiet it brings. I live in the country and don't plan to move from it!

Starry nights, fireflies and the call of a hoot owl bring peace to my soul, and mean more to me than streetlights, headlights, honking horns, planes and trains ! =)

No smokers or Drinkers please, those are just so bad for you, are so addictive, and I have lost several friends and family to the illnesses they cause. I am not fond of a woman covering her body in Tattoos and body markings or strange piercings either please. It would be my pleasure to look upon you the way God made you and not what an worldy artist did to you.

I also do not do social media like Facebook and Twitter. End times stuff right there. It's so dangerous.

I'm extremely old fashioned and Traditional, and according to the Bible that's a good thing! Jeremiah 6:16. Will anyone come with me? :)

Only interested in a relationship in the USA .

I am divorced because my wife committed adultery, and ran away from home into the arms of another man, she never returned. This was in 2012. I tried to save it , with everything ounce of love and strength I had, but she decided God and me were not for her.

One thing I do not want is kids at this time. While kids are great and it would have been amazing when I was younger, that time has passed by... I'm 47 and father time is catching up to me, 50 years old is coming before I know it, and I don't have the energy or desire to start a family at my age or a house full of kids.

I would never want to rob you of that if that is your dream, so please don't contact me for more than friendship if you desire children. But God Bless you in your dream to have them! I hope it happens for you. And if you have them, I pray they always bring you incredible joy! Truly! Being a Mom is a wonderful thing and If you don't have them yet, I understand your desire to bear children.

May the one true God and his son, Jesus Christ, the one and only Savior of our souls, forever bless you and give you peace indescribable.


Only one is worthy, just one.

First Date
Something simple I think. Food, nature walk, Ice Cream, Mini Golf, something fun. Nothing extreme. I am so so easy to please, I hope you are too.
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