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God, Birds, (especially all my Hummingbirds I attract!) Dogs, War game Miniature Painting, Board Games, Video Games, Working in my country yard, playing my Banjo, Country Rides
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Ladies, please post some real photos of you and not just the filtered ones changing your face.

We all age, it's beautiful and it's natural.

I don't mean this as rude, please, that's not my heart, but it's deceptive to use those and not let me see who you really are! =)

I am looking for a true woman of God, who desires Him & His will, and not the pleasures of the world & her own will. I just want to be with someone who loves Jesus like I do.

I would love someone who is Christ-like in that her yoke is easy & her burden is light, as that is what I desire and pray to bring to a relationship. Constant nagging, fighting, mind games, control, hyper-emotionalism, by partners destroy relationships.

Peace, patience, gentleness, love, & support work much better than all the negative things above. Can we just be best friends, merciful, & love? Sure sounds nice to me! We are only on earth for a little while, the years fly by, true love is soooo hard to find. Can we hold each other in the madness of a fallen, evil, world and share love, and closeness?

I would like someone tender, caring, passionate, loving, & I hope she would enjoy the same in return.

People say I am very funny, and I would really like to make you laugh. I would like to rejoice in God's word with you, and try and make you happy the best that I can. But true happiness comes from God. I can't give what He can, & you can't give me what He can.
I want to be your best friend, and love you like the Bible commands me to, "As Christ loves the Church" what did Christ do for his Church? He gave His all..I can give my all, but is it enough? Loving someone long term for life, is a choice, most seem to choose not to these days. "Loving" someone for money and status is wrong.

I am retired due to health (I have income, financially stable, no debt. I do not believe in running up credit cards.) with an issue I won't name here that has put some limitations on me. It's not life threatening, otherwise I wouldn't be here. =)

I don't live a life of constant "Travel & Adventure", wine tasting, breweries, boozing, running marathons, kayaking, & hitting up concerts" like 90% of women on dating sites, as stated in their profiles. (Is there an online profile everyone copies & pastes haha)

I do like a day out, and long to go on dates with my sweetie. I love my home. I am so thankful for my home. It's where the heart is, it's where love is. It's where peace is. I would love to share it with someone special. I'm more introverted and love peace and recharging time.

I pray not being in "perfect" health won't deter someone from wanting to talk to me. Something comes for all of us, sooner or later...we're all getting older, and fast. I will be with you in your battles as they come as you are with me in mine.

I'm very much a country guy; I love the peace & quiet it brings. Starry nights, fireflies, peepers & the hoot of an owl bring peace to my soul, & mean more to me than streetlights, headlights, horns honking, & big city danger and chaos.

I'm conservative, old fashioned & traditional, uncompromising on the word, & according to the Bible that's a good thing! Jeremiah 6:16.

If you are Christian & divorced, please be biblically able to be remarried, (I am 100%) the Bible is clear with instruction on this issue. I just want to do things right before the Lord.

Jesus tells us "You will know them by their fruit." He also said that MANY will SAY "Lord,"....but are not true and will be cast away, Lastly, Jesus says FEW go on the strait and narrow way that leads to life.

Saying "Christian" means nothing; what you live is everything. I just mention that because there is lot's of living for "the world" here, and lusting for "things".

Just looking for someone simple and true.

So many ladies say they don't need a man, they just want one. All they want is a travel and adventure buddy. Well, I NEED a lady because, my God made me that way. =)

Genesis 2:18
First Date
Something simple I think. Food, nature walk, Ice Cream, Mini Golf, something fun. Nothing extreme. I am so so easy to please, I hope you are too.
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