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Exposing Satanism, Revealing Heaven, Art, Drawing, Painting, Music, Theology, History, Politics, Philosophy, Birds, Comics, Trading Card Games, Video games
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I'm willing to help you with spiritual questions if you want.
Here for friends too not just romance. Let me know if you need prayer.
Not interested in relationships with girls outside the USA unless we really connect, sorry.

You should know I have a slight speech impediment and possibly high functioning autism. So I hate small talk haha, especially since I am into exposing corruption, and art, as well as philosophy.

Movies, video games, card games like Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic, and comics are cool too. I would like to make my own Christian-themed variants some day.

As far as what I would like in a Christian wife, I don't really care what denomination you are because mine is way stranger, haha. I don't think any of that matters as long as you accept Jesus. I am really into making art, and studying philosophy, history (mostly American) theology, apologetics, conspiracy theories (vaccine type stuff, not Bigfoot) politics, Satanism (exposing it, not practicing it) and would really like someone to help me with that.

I support the President because he is God's 'trump' card against the Satanic elite that have ruled this world for decades and possibly centuries. I don't really have political views though.

I am what I call a Kingdom Age Christian, which is a new 'denomination' that's all about commanding angels to fight on our behalf like Jesus said He could in Matthew 26:53. 

It focuses on revealing Heaven and exposing the Devil. Very metaphysical. I recommend checking out Kat Kerr to learn more. She is a Revelator like John the Baptist. Without her, I would have never been able to wake up from being an agnostic/atheist in 2015. 

The rest of my profile is about how Kingdom Age Christians and eventually all Christians operate in the supernatural. There are no denominations in Heaven.

1. Ask for Grace daily, if you're frustrated or distraught in any way just ask for more.

2. Everywhere you go take power and authority over Satan and kick out all demonic forces in Jesus' name. You must be without sin to have authority over him so always remember to:

3. Repent of all your sins (both known and unknown) as frequently as possible.

4. Loose all darkness from your soul as needed - this includes violence, profanity, negative emotions, anything that is unholy. This can also include trauma from decades ago. If you're a parent make sure you do this for your kids. Then bind the light of God -good traits- to your soul.

5. Release the annointment on everything you touch. Jesus was able to heal people because He did the same and He had the maximum amount. The more you do it, the more you'll receive it. When you run out you'll feel the angels pour it into your soul through a tingling sensation on your head! 

6. Invite the Hosts of Heaven to be a part of your team as your mighty spiritual weapons. Remember that Jesus had the authority to call on legions of angels, so do we. Send them to where you think the enemy is operating and they'll fight on your behalf. If you do this a lot you will see clouds shaped like animals and faces, those are the Hosts in disguise and they're waiting for you to give them orders! Their battle cry is WOOHOO!!!
First Date
Probably just go to a restaurant. I would like to paint or hang out at park too. Maybe a museum. I just moved here so I don't really know.
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