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My name is Joshua, but you can call me Josh. Some words that describe me are caring, simple, creative, humorous, fun loving, open minded, not giving up, forgiving, honest, faithful, and devoted to God, but not perfect. I usually don't take anything for granted, appreciating what I have. I may be a little shy and reserved at first when I meet someone new, but can be talkative if something interests me. Some good conversation starters for me are the Bible, books, movies, science, music, hobbies, and history. I'm the type of guy that tries to be optimistic and tries seeing the glass half full no matter the situation and how difficult. Also, I like playing guitar, video gaming, reading, and watching movies (especially DC and Marvel movies, but like anything with a good story line). I love nature, and doing outdoor activities like swimming, running and bicycling. Also, there are several places I would like to go, mainly for outreach activities.

My career keeps me pretty busy. The first 4 months of this year I will be busier than usual, studying for an 8 hour exam, but please be patient if you send me a message. I may not necessarily chat every day, but 3 or 4 times a week sounds good to me. After April, and if I pass, it should get easier.

Originally from Kentucky, I moved to Parsons, Kansas in August of 2012. Every year I've been traveling to see my family every year at least for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I believe that God helps people to change and come to faith in the Bible. Just because one first becomes a Christian doesn't mean that everything is always going to be perfect from that point on--sin is still possible. But over time, one should be more and more like Jesus, praying, and not holding on to any sin (1 John 3:9). I like the verse of 2nd Corinthians 5:7, which says that the old person has passed away and that one who is in Christ is a new creation. I am looking for someone that looks at the person I am now, not the person before.

I like to let God do the leading in my life. If I try anything on my own, I won't get it right and will end up making some foolish mistake. I look to Him for wisdom and know that God can help even with the impossible.

A Christian to me is admitting that the only way of getting saved is by confession of your own sins, repenting, and acknowledging that Christ paid the penalty, then was resurrected; therefore you love Christ because He first loved us and He is the only bridge to the Father. Knowing all this, you would want to be more like Him. It's realizing the price of every sin is without limit, and that you don't get to Heaven just by being "good" and staying out of trouble on this earth. For no one measures up to God's perfect standard, and every sin is a sin against God. It's only through Christ that we can get there. It’s being thankful for what He did for us, because none of us deserve it; it’s also loving thy neighbor as thyself, and not being judgmental of others.

Though I have suffered from some health problems such as IC, which is a bladder condition (so I can't drink any alcoholic beverage even if I wanted to), Crohn's, and other lesser ones, and have battled other things in life, I can be reminded of several bible verses when times are uneasy.

I'm looking for someone who is devoted to God and puts Him first even before family; this means following Him not just during the easy times, but during the hard times as well, making whatever sacrifices are necessary. Someone who doesn’t give up easily either, and who loves everyone. That pretty much sums it up. I look forward to hearing from you if interested and will be glad to answer questions.
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I am open-minded to this. It could be going for a walk, having dinner, playing a board game, going out for coffee, etc. But going to Star Bucks and playing a board game would be nice.
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