I actually walk out Scripture and it's impossible to find people that actually DO the commands.

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We are lovers of all things Hebrew and study the ancient language constantly! We enjoy cooking, working out, music and laughter! We diy everything ☺️
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We are married and best friends looking for a woman who would be willing to join us on our journey in life.  Because of our beliefs we need help at this point to have a family and we are searching for a third to be one with us and aid us in establishing a righteous seed. Because we choose to walk accordingly to Scripture, we are not liked by many and so are in need of another set of of kind hands to humbly help! I can guarantee that this lifestyle is not a loss by any means, but you will gain far greater things then you ever imagined. It just takes a special type of person, so hopefully it's you! 😃 This is a breakdown of what we believe:

1.  The Creator has a name given to us and we are called to honor and obey His name.  (YHWH) YaHWaH is His Name.  The use of names such as god and lord (ba'al) are substitutions that break the 1st and 3rd command as well as it violates Shemoth (Exodus) 23:13 and Tehillim (Psalm 16:4).  We use only His Name and we do not mix.

2.  YaHWaH gave us an entry way back into the covenant by His very right arm YaHWShA.  Satisfying the sacrificial system and allowing for the Eternal High Priest to cover over our disobedience.  NOT to be Disobedient and break the very covenant that He gave Himself to ratify.  We do not substitute or replace the Messiah's name with j-sus (this name didn't even exist 500 years ago).  His name on earth in the flesh is YaHWShA.  He did not come to die so that everyone could look exactly like the world and be saved by "grace".  His death allows us to enter into marriage with Him again and the same covenant obedience applies.

3.  We honor the Shabbat.  The day given as a day of rest to teach us to be in rest.  Shemot (Exodus) 16, 20:8-11 / Iv'rim (Hebrews) 4:9.  We do not work, nor cause others to work, but we spend the day together and dig deep into the hidden mysteries of YaHWaH.

4.  We honor the Set-Apart Feast days in accordance to the Honoring of Shabbat Wayyiqra (Leviticus) 23.  The 7 Feast days are the light of the Menorah and our marriage / relationship with YaHWShA.  They are times of joy, reflection and celebration.  We do not participate in the pagan babylon confusion of chri-tmas and easter which honor and celebrate ANOTHER mighty one.  The holidays of the world are absolutely NOT in scripture and do not even compare to the days YaHWaH has set-apart for His bride.

5.   We eat clean.  If you can't understand points 1-4, it's probably because your brain is set on the american bacon craze that has turned the minds of people into mush.  The chri-tmas ham is defiled, but the Pesach Lamb will be King!  Our bodies are important as they are the vessel through which we operate, so we eat what YaHWaH declares Clean Devarim (Deuteronomy) 14.

6.  We do not go to "church" or call ourselves "christians".  The church and christians do not follow scripture.  They follow the doctrines set forth by rome and obey a false westernized version of love.  We are only searching on this app as we hope to find someone who desires to walk in truth, but is stuck, like we both were once.  Church doesn't exist in Hebrew neither do christians, but we are called to be Ivrit (Hebrew) - one who crosses over.  One who lets go of the grip of religion and walks by belief and obedience.

7.  We desire to be Set-apart as YaHWaH is Set-apart 1 Kepha (Peter) 1:16 Wayyiqra (Leviticus) 11:44.  Thus Truth family is more important then blood family Mattityahu (Mathew) 19:29, Lucas (Luke) 8:21.  By nature if you follow steps 1-6, where we live you will most definitely be outcast and separated because friendship with the world is enmity with YaHWaH Ya'acov (James) 4:4.

That is the very core of what we believe and we are searching for a humble, like-minded, Ruach filled woman, who desires to know more and refuses to mix!

What you will gain:

1.  Incredible insight and knowledge into the very nature of the language and how YaHWaH designed the original tongue through pictures that help aid in the etymology of words.

2.  A stable Home, filled with laughter, love, jokes, amazing food, and two awesome relationships that will change your world.

3.  A job if you need one. (we own our own business and would love for you to work with us)

4.  A 15 year plan.  We are looking to be completely without need for daily (worldly work) in 15 years.  Yes we are ambitious! :)

5.  Everything we have we share in.  And we have a lot, it's just not fully complete yet. (That's where you come in)

6.  Full and equal rights Shemoth (Exodus 21:10)  Your life will be completely provided for.

7.  This one is a surprise!

So there you have it, straight forward and honest from our hearts to you.  If this is something that you might be interested in then we only ask that you pursue it with all your heart, mind, and soul.

Thank you so much and Shalom!
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You pick your favorite meal and we'll take on the challenge of making it even more amazing.😋
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