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Dating can be stressful and time-consuming. I find it interesting conversing with a stranger online or sitting across the table in front of a stranger for an hour or so, trying to see if we have enough chemistry or things in common to go on a second date. So far that has not happened.
I don't date lot. I would just like to find that one special guy and concentrate on seeing where it goes.
Many people ask theses questions, so here is some info about me...
I was born in Portland Oregon but spent many years in S. San Francisco during my married years and overseas in Jordan on missions. I moved back to Portland in 2004.
I am divorced with five beautiful kids ages 20 - 35, plus, four wonderful grandchildren. My life is blessed.
I have traveled to Morocco, Israel, Jordan, England, Paris. Mexico, Canada and lived in many states in the USA, such as New York, Arizona, California, Oklahoma, Nevada and Washington State, but I always seem to come back to Oregon. I believe everyone should take the opportunity to travel to a foreign country. Turkey, Greece and Italy are on my bucket list.
I did my DNA and I'm British, Scandinavian, Jewish & Romanian. I am an 68 % Extrovert, which means although I'm sociable I don't need to be around people a lot.
Briggs personality test: ESFJ-T
My love language: Quality time. Spiritual gifts: Discernment (double edge sword) and Exhortation.
I recently colored my hair after being a blonde most of my life. I am liking the new change. (my natural color is strawberry blonde)
By the time we reach the second part of our life we pretty much know our dislikes and likes, we pretty much have an idea of what our God given passions and talents are.
I have raised my kids, and I have had a great career in the education field for over 25 years where I taught, enriched, advocated and mentored the lives of thousands of children. That in itself is very rewarding. In 2012 I went back to school to study Journalism and News broadcasting. I've written many articles on world affairs, plus I do freelance writing for various news media's which I enjoy very much.
Now I am excited about seeing what the second half of my life journey brings with the right guy.
If you are interested let's connect and see how it goes.
No hookups, no druggies (including 420), no non US citizens
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Coffee at a local coffee shop
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