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Researching truth and being awake, Natural medicine, Spirituality, plant based eating, outside of the box thinking. Ancient Biblical texts, dead sea Scrolls. Intrest in physical fitness, being in nature,
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Anyone out there that also want deep conversations, are respectful of women, with a moral backbone, open minds and a kind heart?

Just a few ground rules. I am not here to convert to your belief systems. If you are dogmatic or religious and believe I should conform to your beliefs rather give this profile a skip. I am not here to be treated as a convert or possible property, and I do not appreciate paternistic views. So if you are one of those who think a woman was created for a man, should be silent and comply, or that a woman should be dominated and controlled: please don't waste both our time. We are not going to get along. Use of swear words will get you blocked and reported. Don't try to convince me polygamy is Biblical and that I should consider a relationship where you have multiple "wives" or partners. Don't ask me to send you photos, personal information or details or migrate to another app. I have experienced too much scary people on here to do that. Respect me and my decisions, my privacy, freedom of choice and my common sense to protect myself.

Please Note: I am in search of deep conversations without the pressure to form romantic entanglements. Thanks for respecting this gentlemen. 😊 Peace be with you.

If you are still reading let me tel you about myself. I am a researcher in the truth movement so I know more than most people about alternative thinking and working theories. Reality aknowleger is the real term that should replace the derogarive term conspiracy theorist. I don't do cognitive dissonance, and neither am I scared to research any topic no matter how seemingly obsurd. I apply my same researching skills to research religion, the history of sacred texts, and cultures.

I have three degrees and working towards my masters degree and I research and read like breathing. I also share working theories about possible scenarios with those who know as much as I do, so philosophy and communication will promote constructive discussions.

I am a Dr. of Homeopathy and understand the benefits for the body, mind and spiritually in adhering to a whole foods, plant based diet. If you don't understand this nor have researched this, please do so. This is a very important aspect of how I choose to live my live and promote optimal health and wellbeing.

I enjoy hiking, camping, riding bike in nature. I enjoy being still and learning through observation rather than indoctrination. I enjoy growing herbs annd food in my garden and seeing a seed grow.

I serve the God of life through my thoughts, feelings, actions, through what I eat and how I live.
First Date
Connecting on an Intellectual and Spiritual level.

As the men here tries to bombard you with their religious ideas and then become quite nasty if you have other understandings I require without exception respectful debate and conversation. If you do not adhere to this requirement you will be blocked or reported. Even within Christianity there are many different beliefs and practices. If your main objective is to find someone who believes the exact way you do please send me an introductory message about who you are and what you believe. Outline the beliefs essential to you and what you would like to share with another. Thank you in advance for respectful and enlightened conversations.
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