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Tears, Love, care, wisdom and sorrow are my pens!.

British Columbia
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I am inconvenience with material life. And against to its world. That can cheap humans internal dignity!. And i am against to its people. Careful from types of jobs that can still spirit and tricks to low level of failure. 

Hands can't be hands without fingers and fingers can't be fingers without hands. For they know each other they can do great things together than any other people in other way of life!. Without each other they can't be within to each other!. Hands are majesty to fingers. And fingers are crowns and beauty to hands!. You have to be understanding!, bright! and loving!. A reflective light!.

 I love spiritual life, i like meditating on Bible's scriptures. I like quite and isolated environment. I love accepting constructive weaknesses and empowering someone's  strength. I am joyful in believing my weaknesses. And appreciating or igniting my strength of good parts. I like to agree on most things and to disagree on few things. I like to be happy and openly to be upset for wrong things. I like to rebuke not to wrath!. I love hearing wisdom full life experiences and stories. I love not judging incorrectly. But I love judging correctly. And I completely don't like condemning people!. I strongly don't like material life but moral life. l appreciate and respect people who are old in soul and rich in mind. By their humbleness, meekness, love, mercyfullness and simple heart!. But not by the material they posses, nor by their outward appereance, nor by their position, nor by their secular education level. I love speaking good words and pouring out them when they are rooted in me and multiplied much. And keeping quite much when I have few things to say. I love avoiding myself or others who are wrong people totally. And I feel pain and sad when other people counting my meekness and love as weakness and unwise character.

I am one of a joyful person in the world whether i have home or not, whether i have material things or I don't or lose them, whether i have a change that I could count or not. God is my focus. My left mind and right mind, my upper and lower mind, my central mind focuses in His light and i connect it to my heart to empower its pillar of thickness. For I know that there is gaining in losing and there is losing in gaining. There is happiness in true sadness and there is sadness in false happiness. So true happiness and sadness are the true pillars of life.

At the end I see myself as one of the citizen of this world on earth and a citizen of Heaven in the other world!. My faith and the spirit i have is my core and identity!.
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Tea Cafe!. Additional thing: So if you are serious and want to provide fat sufficient time i am here and i appreciate so. I don't like talking to more peoples by once. If i started to talk to you i am not going to chatting with any-other person. So if you are talking with someone and adding me as an additional person to your chatting home, i don't appreciate you to talk to me. You shouldn't talk 1 2 or 3 people by once, for it is very inappropriate and stray. A conversation should be respectful, wisdom full, centered with love!. It will testify my maturity and dignity!. So have self respect!. I do the same so. Thank you!.
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