Any virtuous Proverbs 31 women out there? 😊

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Creativity and Art, Movies, Books, Video Games, Comic Books, Creation Tools, Geeky stuff lol. As an introvert myself, I am open minded to outdoor activities too. Just gonna get exhausted pretty quickly though. lol
About Me
Hello, just call me Wil. Also known as God's Wil (Haha. That is what my church members call me. ??) To start off, my faith is very important to me. Now just to give the tip of the surface, I'm a guy who enjoy other people's creativity and art. Movies, video games, stories, comic books, etc. I'm pretty much a geek. But I'm not stuck to only that. I'm pretty open to other activities. Including gym (would be nice to have a gym partner too) I would go on, but I believe we should meet and get to hang out or go on dates to slowly open myself up the more dates we go on. I want a woman who is consistent and honest in general. No sugarcoating. Oh, and I'm sorry, I don't go for transgenders. Keep note too, I'm a guy who does like to be myself. Meaning that I can be weird in a good way. For example, I love sense of humor (especially saracastic humor) and I like to pick on the woman that I like/love. Yes, I know when to be serious. So if you expect me to be normal or "spiritual" all the time, we are probably gonna have a hard time bonding. Life does not always have to be serious ladies. Loosen up. God invented sense of humor too. Let me make one thing clear, I am not an insensitive person, but I can be very straightforward and honest (Yes, even having an adult conservation like talking about each other's sexual appetite). Yes, women are emotional beings and I am ok with that. I know when to be sensitive. But if you are too hyper sensitive where it comes to a point you get offended over such small things, chances are we are not gonna get along. Also, if you do send me a message and I don't respond right away, don't get discouraged. Chances are I'm at work, gym, or at church. Or chances are I am getting to know another woman. One at a time in other words. Hope to hear from you. Blessings. ??

P.S: For the fake profiles or trolls. Don't try it, I can easily tell if a profile is fake or not. Also, for the profiles that is offering sex for service or promoting a website, please don't bother. Let me make it clear. I am NOT looking for hookups!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Ladies, I'm sorry, but I cannot do long distance relationship. If you live like an hour away to drive, that is fine.

Y si. Yo hablo Espanol tambien. Pero mi primer idioma es ingles.

DISCLAIMER: Ladies, I do not tolerate any type of ghosting whatsoever. If I don't receive any replies or messages from you after πŸ‘‰3 days topsπŸ‘ˆ, I am automatically moving on. If you are not interested in me no more, you are not interested. Just be honest. If there is a pet peeve I have that you don't like, discuss it with me, but ghosting is NOT tolerable in my book. Please keep that in mind.

RED NOTE: Ladies, if you are interested in a guy, go get to know him. But do not, I repeat, DO NOT use me as a second option.
First Date
A walk on my childhood park. I am free on the weekends. However, I do not like going out super late at night. I'm more of day person. i hope you have a flexible schedule.

DISCLAIMER: I understand that stuff can happen, and that is understandable. But if we do plan a meet up and it gets cancelled the πŸ‘‰3rd timeπŸ‘ˆ, I am automatically moving on. If your life is so busy, it is clear you don't have time for me, or it is clear that you are not putting any effort to try and meet me.
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