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Coffee and Good conversation, Binge Watching TV Shows and Movies, Fishing, Camping, Taking Walks, Anything with my Loved Ones is alright with me really. I'd like to get back into riding Dirt Bikes or Maybe a Motorcycle one of these days hopefully!
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Hey there thanks for checking out my profile! So you want to know more about me ey? Well for starters I'm all about being real, love, loyalty and honesty.. that seems to be on short supply these days but that is what I'm looking for in someone as well. I'm definitely a funny guy, whitty, sarcastic and overall just like to joke around and make people laugh but I know when to be serious as well. I'm not real big into social media and stuff like that. I'm not into hanging out with the guys all the time and going to bars and partying all the time those days are behind me. I'm a family man who enjoys the simple things in life and as long as I'm around my loved ones I'm content no matter what we are doing. I love a coffee and some good conversation.. I'm a talker for sure and told I'm a good listener as well. I like binge watching shows, movies and such, outdoors stuff like fishing and camping and I hope to get back into riding dirt bikes or maybe a motorcycle soon. I'm a believer in God and trying to live right although I'm far from perfect and I'm one of the rare believers who isn't going to push my beliefs on you but if you'd like to talk about it that's cool as well.. Actually some of my best friends are atheists so I can definitely respect whatever your belief is even if I feel differently. I don't have any kids or any crazy ex lovers in my life lol but I do have a crazy hairless Sphynx Cat named Skellington =P As for what I'm looking for out here I'm hoping to find a good woman who is all about being real, love, loyalty and honesty as well as I said above.. I don't care what you're into, don't mind if you're a health nut or a smoker or drink occasionally and don't care how in order you have your life or if you have kids, if you're into those values I mentioned above like loyalty and honesty than you must be my kinda person. I'm just out here looking for my future SideKick not a side chick.. someone who can be my rock my world my everything.. someone to walk beside me through this crazy thing we call life but I'm definitely not trying to rush into anything and I'm cool with taking it slow and getting to know each other better at a comfortable pace. Anyway I think I've rambled on long enough here and besides how much can you really learn about someone from a few blocks of text right? So if you made it this far I hope you take the next step and send me a message, introduce yourself and let me know what's good in your world and how's life treating ya.. anything to get the ball rolling lol hope to hear from ya soon!

Here is my favorite Bible verse and two of my favorite moments in the Bible. =)

My favorite verse is Matthew 16:26
"What does it profit a man to gain the world yet lose his soul?"

and my two favorite moments were probably these two.

I absolutely loved when Phillip went to get Nathanael and Phillip told him he had found Jesus the one whom Moses and the Prophets said would come and Nathanael asked "Can anything good come from Nazareth?" and Phillip told him to come and see and when they got close to Jesus Jesus said to Nathanael “Look, a true Israelite in whom there is no deceit!”... I love that Jesus answered Nathanaels smart mouth question that he asked Phillip before he met Jesus. He answered it right off the bat and humbled him real quickly. I just loved that whole situation.

Another favorite Bible moment for me is when Jesus appeared to the disciples after his resurrection and they were fishing but catching nothing and told them to cast their nets on the other side and it was suddenly filled with fish and once Peter realized it was Jesus he dove out of the boat to go see him as the others brought the boat and catch to shore.. I like to imagine that would be my reaction as well lol I would say forget the fish and jump right out of the boat to go see him!.. what are your favorite Bible moments and how did you come to be a believer?
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Anything Is Fine With Me Really But A Coffee And A Walk In The Park Will Be Just Fine =)
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