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What does it mean to you to live a life worthy of the Gospel? This is a constant echo in my mind, and it is my daily longing; to live in a manner that shows gratitude for the love displayed at calvary. I believe that we are saved by faith alone but that the faith that saves is never alone. True repentance that leads to faith in God should leave that person no longer wanting to live in their sin but instead in persuit of knowing God. It is this lifestyle of pursuit after God that I want to share in a partnership, with the company of a wife. I want to be a support, encouragement, and companion who stands by his wife, honoring and cherishing her; showing her patience and kindness and placing her before myself as Christ has given Himself for me.

I have spent my entire life going to church but I never owned my faith until this past year. I struggled with sin, never fully understanding the Gospel. It was not until I turned from the sin in my life that I experienced the peace and comfort that comes from relying upon God for the strength to say no to the constant temptations and lusts saturating our culture. I struggled with a porn addiction for over a decade and lacked physical self control in a past dating relationship four years back before God gifted me with a repentant heart. I am not proud of my past, but I am also not ashamed to admit it because of the change God has brought to my life.

That said, I am not looking for a spouse with a perfect past. Who I am looking for is someone who currently values honesty, integrity, and marital purity - whether those quality have always been there, or whether they have been learned through a regrettable past.

In regards to my personality: I am a rather composed individual. I have spent a lot of time around the intellectually disabled and seniors, which has instilled in me a chill disposition. I am a steady individual who values quality time and touch. I can equally enjoy making dinner with someone or doing something fun as long as it is with someone who enjoys talking and sharing each others company. For me, grabbing a cup of coffee and taking the time to talk or to go for a walk through nature together is more meaningful and enjoyable than going to see a movie or sport. Sharing experiences together and doing life with each other is very valuable to me. At the same time, I am also very content doing things on my own. I can spend all day everyday with someone almost just as easily as not seeing or talking to them for several days. Life is precious, and while I do not need someone to enjoy it, it is more enjoyable when you get to share it with someone special. Have you ever been stressed and a friend just gives you a hug or lays their hand on your back? Something about it allows you to breathe again. An acknowledgment too deep for words to express. I greatly value when someone can read when touch says more than words.

More about me: I am a health nut... I love cooking great meals that I do not have to feel guilty eating a little extra. Working out has become necessary for me. I am no meat head by any means but I do love taking the time to care for my health. If I had to choose a pet, I would probably go with a chinchilla although not having one is my preference. Kids... oh boy! I have always wanted to adopt. Growing up I had a friend who was a foster kid and I learned the impact a good guardian can play in the role of someones life. That and James 1:29 ... true religion to God is caring for widows and orphans in their distress... I feel called in both my heart in by scripture. I am not opposed to having my own kids as well, but adopting is definitely on my heart. If you have any questions... want to know more... send me a message.
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For a first date, I would love to hear all about her. Finding out where she enjoys hanging out - in a public setting - and meeting her there would be a great way to get acquainted.
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