Phase 39yrs here; my daily prayer that i constantly remind myself through out my day at this phase o

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I like staying home. Burning a fire, doing yardwork, riding scooter, walking dogs, barbecuing, swimming. I like going out to places to.atv and dirtbike rides. exercise. meditation prayer. thought process awareness. writing. youtubing.climbing roofs to enj
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at this phase 39 years old of my life I have a daily prayer that I say everyday. I say this constantly throughout the day.
God please teach me how to be loving, forgiving, caring and respectful. thank you 4 reading my thoughts you being here with me in this journey of life. God has been teaching me since the day I was born through parents teachers friends family media pains joys bad situations good situations ups and downs thick and thins blood and water God is always been there for me and teaching me. about myself and who i am and what i have as human being. i am grateful. and I do my grateful meditation at least once a week I meditate and pray at night and I just started doing it in the morning. why? because I really took meditating and praying seriously several times throughout my life and then I would stop at times and not feel like praying or just say a quick prayer while I'm already laying down on my pillow or just ignoring God altogether.. pray before bed that I meditate for the first reason the first reason is a question who would not want to spend time with their creator who would not want to spend time with the higher power that is here for them I was here to help them that is here to love them that is here too hold them in their arms like a newborn baby that is here too hear your cries feel your pains forgive you and Lead you through to a peaceful painful stressful demanding lovefull life.? about two months ago it just dawned on me that why wouldn't I want to sit down in a dark room and meditate to the thought of something positive like spending time with my creator me sitting down like a kid in kindergarten on an alphabet mat Indian style eyes up body posture up accepting my God spending time with my higher power seeking him asking him for things asking him for help asking him for forgiveness asking him if I could hit the lottery asking him for my friends and family to be safe and to help them with their pains asking him to help me with my personal problems and family problems and whatever problems that come my way. another important. I want to share with you all is something that I just learned in the last month that I've known but I didn't really learn it it is if you're doing something that is hard to do or that you've been doing for too long like sitting down and praying or sitting down in meditating or sitting at your computer doing your school work. if you're focusing on something that's going to better yourself then you need not to stop or get up or discontinued that action until you feel different. for instance I knew this but I never learn this while I was meditating for the first week I get to feeling while I'm with my eyes closed Indian style thinking about God saying my mantra focusing on my breathing I would feel like okay I've been sitting here long enough now it's time to get up and I would get up the second week turn those feelings of wanting to get up into wanting to sit there longer and stay in my meditation longer. oh that felt amazing!! it felt powerfull! I'm also meditating and praying more because I want to use God's healing power to heal myself physical and mental pain that I have and also I would love to help some of my close friends and family member heal their pain one day too.im a single dad. my kid lives with me 9yrs old. i drive i work and i have alot to talk about. guy told me today because I have a lot to talk about and I like to lecture and I'm on this journey find answers in life Define love to find happiness security all the above in this journey God told me to go ahead and write a book because I like to talk a lot. I already have three notebooks full of notes add I'm going to start writing my book because my thoughts and my way of thinking is just as important too. At this phase 39 years old of my life, I'm all about bettering my thinking my body by spirit. I'm all about trying to do the right thing with love and respect and forgiveness and caring for others as my Foundation which is given to me as a blessing from God.
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lets go to church together. I have not been in over a year Journey Church in Westlake was my last Church what an amazing Church in amazing people. but how about we go to a church we agree on or we can just go to my old church or we can go to your church?
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